18k Gold Earrings

It is very easy to make a mistake when trying ot find the right pair of earrings. They are a very unique piece of jewellery in this regard; although most people can get away with wearing almost any kind of necklaces or bracelets or rings, it requires a lot more skill to tastefully select earrings. Part of the difficulty is getting the right kind of earrings that best match a person’s face; for example, large earrings can look perfect on some people, but can seem disproportionately large on another person.
This kind of difficulty does not manifest itself in rings, for example. Another difficulty is choosing what kind of metal you want your earrings made from. This is very important because it affects not only what kind of outfits the earrings can be worn with, but also the formality of the earrings. For example, copper earrings (although quite attractive) are not as formal as, say, white gold earrings. For this reason, it becomes important to get earrings made of a metal that can suit all occasions – in this regard, most jewellers and fashionistas believe that there are few earrings as versatile as the 18k gold earring. This is because gold is usually dressy enough for almost any formal ballroom dinner, and yet can also be worn for more intimate gatherings with friends or colleagues.
Of course, a lot of people make the common mistake of assuming that since 24k gold is the purest form of gold, 18k gold must be inferior and of lesser quality and craftsmanship. Interestingly, the truth is entirely the opposite of this. Gold is actually a very soft metal, especially in its purer forms – so soft that it can be shaped by even the lightest touch. You will notice that if you have a bar of pure gold, you can press your thumb against it and actually leave an indentation in the surface of the bar due to its softness. This, of course, renders the purer forms of the metal entirely unsuitable for jewellery, particularly jewellery that is meant to be worn on a regular basis, as it will become deformed due to being subjected to the stresses of daily wear. As a result, 18k gold is the favoured form of the metal for creating gold jewellery, because its 75 percent purity means that the other 25 percent is a different metal melded with the gold to create an alloy that is strong enough to resist the stresses of regular use.
Moving on, there are several different styles of 18k gold earrings. For example, 18k gold hoop earrings are a very popular choice with young ladies that seek to look better than the masses that only wear silver hoop earrings. Of course, gold is such a popular metal that there are nearly an infinite variety of designs out there for you to pick and choose from; for example, there are so many different stylistic approaches to 18k gold stud earrings that it is almost impossible to choose which one you like best. The preferred solution, of course, is to have several pairs with varying degrees of formality, so they can be worn to suit a wide range of events.
18k white gold earrings are another example of a style that is very sophisticated and elegant. A bit more understated than 18k yellow gold earrings, white gold is a sublime choice for the classy formal affairs that we always have trouble matching our jewellery to.