A Guide to 18ct Gold Jewellery

Have you ever been approached by someone on the street offering to sell you a gold bracelet claiming that it was made of 18k gold?

How do make sure that your purchase is really an 18k gold piece of jewelry? You don’t have to study for years to know these things. All you need are these simple tips I have listed here for you.

Here’s a short guide to 18k gold jewelry.

18k gold is gold combined with other alloys to get a pale yellow gold color.

Most 18k gold jewelry is marked with 750. This represents its purity which is 75% gold.

Real 18k gold jewelry does not tarnish although it changes its color through prolong wear depending on the body chemistry of the wearer, but still it doesn’t mean that it tarnishes like the fake ones.

Because real 18k gold jewelry is durable, it can withstand everyday use.

Gold is not attracted to magnets. So when you place a magnet near your gold jewelry, you shouldn’t get any reactions from it.

Even if you already have this guide, it is still not fool-proof. When you purchase a piece of gold bracelet with the tips in mind but still have doubts on your purchase, then it is best that you bring your gold bracelet to a trusted jeweler. The jeweler is an expert and can conduct a gold test for you by using gold testing kits and acid solutions. Jewelers are experts in this field and have been studying about these procedures. Gold is very sensitive to certain types of acid, so gold tests involving acid solutions should be done by experts as not to ruin your jewelry.

There is so much fake jewelry that’s being sold in the market today.

And because many people pay money for imitation gold, makers are continuing on producing these kinds of goods. The production won’t stop until consumers stop buying.

Now ask yourself, are you really 100% sure that all your jewelry is really genuine and not fake?