A Wedding Planner’s Tips for Summer Brides

As a wedding planner, I have worked with quite a few summer brides. No matter what type of wedding you are planning, there are some universal truths that apply to anyone tying the knot during warm weather. Get prepared with these top wedding planner tips for summer brides.

My first piece of advice is to work with your hairstylist to design a hairdo that will hold up in heat and humidity. You know your hair best; does it get frizzy when the humidity climbs or fall limp on a hot day? Be sure that your stylist knows. Personally, I think pulling hair up or back is ideal because it will stay under control all day long. As a bonus, you will feel cooler with your hair off your neck. Consider a braided hairstyle, a low knot at the nape of your neck, or a modern updo as seen at the recent Christos Spring 2013 bridal show. Slip a jeweled bridal headband into your hair to complete the look.

The next thing to consider is your makeup. A bride show have a radiant glow, not a sweaty sheen. Your makeup also needs to be able to withstand the weather without melting, creasing, or running. The best look for a summer bride is fresh and natural. Use plenty of mascara or subtle false eyelashes, a rosy blush, and a satin lipstick, but go easy on the heavy eyeliner or dramatic smoky eyeshadow effects. The most important thing is to create the illusion of flawless skin using a lightweight oil-free foundation and a dusting of translucent powder. Keep blotting papers on hand to soak up oil and perspiration, rather than piling on more powder, which can get cakey.

If you are having an outdoor summer wedding, there are a few more things you should add to your list. Sunscreen is important – you don’t want to look like a lobster in your wedding pictures after all! There are special sunscreens made to work under makeup or you can layer a facial moisturizer with a foundation that has an SPF. When you use the right products, the sunscreen will not affect your makeup at all. Be sure to protect your arms and shoulders as well. In the months leading up to your summer wedding, it is a good idea to buy a swimsuit that matches the neckline of your bridal gown to avoid unsightly tan lines. If you end up with them anyway, use self tanner or a dusting of bronzer to blend out the lines.

Bugs are one of those practical issues that people often overlook when planning an outdoor wedding. I once worked with a bride who had a beautiful sunset wedding overlooking a lake. The only problem was that she had terrible looking mosquito bites on her arms in all of the wedding pictures! Bring along insect repellent so this doesn’t happen to you. In some instances, it may be possible to reduce the insect population before your wedding by using a propane powered mosquito trap in the days leading up to your event. The other main insect to plan for is bees. Borrow a trick that is often used by outdoor cafes and set out jars of sugar water away from the tables to lure bees away from your guests. As romantic as perfume can be, take care to avoid any scents that might attract bees to you. It wouldn’t do to get stung by a bee while exchanging your wedding vows! With a little extra planning, you can summer-proof your wedding to ensure that the day goes smoothly.