An Addict in Jewelry

I am an addict! An addict when it comes to jewelry. You probably know that feeling of just collecting for satisfaction and admiring the jewelry you saw at a jewelry store as you pass one by. Probably, for most women, the love of jewelry started out early. When parents started decorating and ornamenting their kids even if they do not even understand why there is a need to have a pierced ears or why a bride gave her flower girl her own charm bracelet.

The root for us is so deep that even as we grow older we value every jewelry gifts that were given to us. And every purchase we made are considered a real valuable since we know how hard we worked for it just to have that added accessory.

Brides are also the same when it comes to this and this can be easily seen as they walk down the aisle and they are wearing their own accessories. Most brides cannot even walk down the aisle without letting her wear even a pair of pearl bridal earrings. That is how most women look at jewelry, as if it is a big part of them and this would never change even for a long time.