Antique Engagement Rings Basics

If you’re looking for a truly unique way to say “I love you,” and to symbolize a lifetime together, then you might be interested in antique engagement rings.

Antique rings are treasured for their individuality and uniqueness. They were made well before laser cutting technology was available, so they are a result of true artistry and craftsmanship. Often, the cut and color of the diamonds gives them a softer, more romantic look.

Yellowish or “champagne” diamonds were often preferred for their rarity and their special appearance.

In general, rings from the Edwardian Era, the Victorian Era, and the Art Deco Period are considered to be antiques. This ranges from about the 1830′s up to the 1930′s. Victorian era rings were from a period when diamonds were less common, so it’s popular to see other gemstones framed with smaller diamonds in antiques from this era. Edwardian rings are characterized by intricate and elegant designs on the ring band, often in the shape of flowers or hearts.

Diamonds were more common in this period, and the use of multiple small diamonds to frame the smaller stone became popular, leading to beautiful rings like cushion cut pave engagement rings. And, finally, art deco antique engagement rings follow the bold and geometric styles popular in the art deco period.

Finding an antique engagement ring doesn’t have to be hugely difficult. There are many dealers online that offer them from all of the different time periods. If you are buying a genuine antique, it’s important to get a certificate of authenticity, as well as to get it looked at by a gemologist before you make the final purchase. You can also save money, and get the same style and look by buying replica antiques. These are much more available.

Whatever type of antique engagement ring you decide to buy, it will be a unique and wonderful way to say “I love you.”