Art Deco Engagement Rings

Should you get an Art Deco engagement ring? What defines art deco rings, anyway? And what does an art deco engagement ring say about the woman who wears it?

Art deco was the height of elegance in Paris, throughout Europe, and into America. Complex and opulent design overtook the austerity of WWI, and Art Deco styles and motifs spread to influence everything from architecture to jewelry to furniture. And it spread everywhere, too, from movie theaters in California to buildings in downtown Shanghai. And there’s no doubt that the Art Deco style has made a resurgence lately.

So, is an art deco engagement ring the right choice? What separates it from other engagement rings?
Art deco engagement rings embody the characteristic design features of art deco. The common themes running through art deco architecture, painting, and other media are: bold colors; straight lines and geometric figures; and plenty of embellishment and decoration.
These characteristics can clearly be seen in art deco jewelry. Gemstones with deep and rich colors are often used, and the stones are cut into sharp and crisp geometric shapes. If you are looking at art deco engagement rings, you will often see gemstones other than diamonds used. Rubies, sapphires and emeralds all lend themselves well to the art deco aesthetic. Jade is another common addition.
But don’t worry—you don’t have to splurge for a rainbow of precious gemstones. Art deco diamond rings are very popular, and are designed around diamonds of various sizes and cuts. It’s common to see a number of smaller diamonds set around a larger central diamond in a circular pattern. Cuts of many different shapes are seen in art deco engagement rings.
The ring band and setting are usually far more intricate and ornamental on art deco rings compared to other styles of ring. Often, art deco engagement ring settings feature an elegant pattern of geometric shapes surrounding and accenting the gemstones.
Art deco was (and is) about beauty and design. The art movement in the early 1900s didn’t have any political or philosophical message. And now, wearing an art deco ring shows that a woman is stylish and elegant, and perhaps a little bold and unconventional.
If you really want an authentic ring, you can certainly find art deco antique engagement rings. These are directly from the art deco era, and will be quite expensive. While vintage art deco engagement rings can be great if you have the budget for them, there are plenty of new rings being made.

For some truly inspired designs, you may choose to go to a small jewelry store where the rings are designed and made by artists. But you can find art deco engagement rings from the big stores, as well. It all depends on how much money you have to work with, and what your priorities are.