Autism Bracelets: The Fight Against A Puzzling Disease

Autism is a disease that affects one in every 166 children. Symptoms can range from mild to extreme. There are times when some people do not realize their children suffer from autism. This is because of the myths surrounding this illness.

Show Your Support With Autism Bracelets

Some of the myths include a failure to communicate. The child does not make eye contact. There is an inability to hold or hug the child. These are all myths that sprang from symptoms of the severe forms of autism. Many times the symptoms are so mild, parents are baffled as to the reason their child is acting the way they do. Social skills are not developed properly.

Autism bracelets have become a way of sparking an interest and an awareness of this illness that strikes so many children and adults. The puzzle piece has become the symbol of autism. It represents an illness which is a puzzling condition. This puzzle piece on the bracelet allows those with a desire to help, show their support.

Puzzle Pieces

The autism bracelets are available in many different styles. You can find bracelets made entirely of puzzle pieces. There are charm bracelets which have the puzzle piece added as a charm. You can even find silicone bands with the word “Autism” debossed on the bracelet, along with the puzzle piece emblem.

The color is not as important as the design. Many organizations worldwide are offering the bracelets as fund raisers to generate money for research. This is one illness with many levels of severity. Some children will not be able to interact with others. There are some people who have actually acquired their PhD and became great leaders in their field. The condition is so widespread and the symptoms are so diverse it is sometimes years before a person is accurately diagnosed.

Raising Awareness

The autism bracelet has become an important part of educating the public to the illness. Non-profit organizations offer the jewelry pieces in many different forms. The autism wrist bracelet is one of the most popular pieces. It is made of silicone and is usually offered for sale at the low price of $1.00 for those who want to show their support.

A Worthy Cause

Many people have suffered with autism for years. The families of these victims try to understand the illness. With further sales of the bracelets more money is being raised for research every day. The way for the public to show their support for this worthy cause is to purchase one of the awareness bracelets offered by their local autism group. If there is no group locally, the autism bracelets can be purchased on line from many different sources.

If you or someone you know suffers from autism there are organizations which can help you to start a group. The silicone wrist bands would make the perfect fund raising item to help generate interest and financial support for your group. There are many people who suffer and have not yet been diagnosed. Treatments can vary. By wearing one of the autism bracelets you can show your support for these people.