Beautiful Diamond Earrings

Within the vast diversity of jewellery that is set with diamonds, is going to be found the genre of diamond earrings, including varieties relating to both drop and stud, in which the former, since its name suggests drops down in an assortment of lengths from the ear lobe, and the latter known as stud, tends to be situated within of the area of the lobe.Styles can deviate enormously. Without doubt the most popular as well as classic, are the diamond stud earrings which tend to be composed of a single stone, most often faceted in a round brilliant manner, or more commonly these days, square princess cut. The very same as could in fact be said for diamond ring kinds, these earrings may also be commonly found in cluster forms, whereby, a centre stone is encompassed by one or more outer rings of typically smaller stones. Drop designs often tend to show greater ornate and fancy trends, like for example, the Victorian inspired “chandelier” forms, frequently employed by the wearer for more momentous occasions, such as wedding jewellery and special parties, for instance, those at Christmas.They will likely be either claw set, where as its name suggests, the stone will be held in place by usually four or six prongs, or ‘rub-over’ set, where the stone is set providing extra protection, by completely surrounding the stone with precious metal. No matter what the setting, in the UK these metals are usually of 9k, 18k, white, yellow and sometimes rose gold types, along with platinum and more often nowadays, palladium. The same can be said of the US, except they also tend to often use 14k gold metal types. Basically the myriad of designs available is endless.As is often seen quoted when reading about diamond jewellery products, the overall quality of the diamond gemstones present in your chosen design of earrings, will always be basically down to the “four C’s”. That relating to cut, clarity, colour and carat (weight). The better any of these individual characteristics are, obviously the greater the price will be. Prices for comparatively sized stones can vary tremendously, especially when it comes to both colour and clarity.These facts suggest that if you are indeed thinking of purchasing an item from this genre of jewellery then you are sure to be faced with an exciting and massive range from which to choose your perfect gift.Some great reasons why you should in fact choose diamond stones in your earrings, instead of other gems, are to follow.Diamonds are the crystals used to celebrate those people who are born throughout the month of April. So, if you are born in that month, they are obviously perfect as your choice. Also, they are the stones used to commemorate all manner of anniversaries of both 10 and 60 years.Legend suggests that if people wear their birthstone as an item of jewellery, they will be offered greater luck and success throughout their life. Specific to diamond, throughout history it has been linked to giving invincibility to the owner, therefore, in times were battles and wars were commonplace, it was worn by many warriors under their armour. Some also thought it to provide extra strength and skill in battle, and sometimes even invisibility!Diamond is the hardest gemstone known to man with a rating on the Moh’s scale of 10. This means that whatever the type of jewellery that it is to be held in, its extra robustness and resilience, affords greater peace of mind to the wearer for day-to-day use.This hardness also means that it is really easy to keep them looking as good as they did on the very first day of purchase. In a matter of minutes, all their original sparkle and lustre can always be rekindled by employing a little warm water and mild detergent, and by gently scrubbing around the stones and settings, magnificent results will be achieved, without fear of damage.No matter what the design or quality of diamond earrings, as well as other diamond jewellery, you may end up owning, in my opinion, it is imperative that you wear them as much as possible. It is a complete waste of money to leave them hidden away in a box. All gemstones and jewellery should be shown off to others as much a possible. Simply, that is what they are made for!