Best Jewelry Box Linings

Owning a large jewelry collection is a beautiful thing, however, owning jewelry requires a certain level of responsibility to care for it. Knowing how to care for a jewelry collection is not always an easy task. Different types of jewelry and the metals used within require different levels of care. As a general rule, the best way to care for your jewelry is to make sure that it is protected from dirt, dust, light, heat and humidity. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by storing your jewelry in a quality jewelry box. Although this is apparent and a no brainer to most jewelry collectors, often that is as far as the consideration goes when in fact it should be taken a bit further. Knowing what lining to look for in your next jewelry box is one of those considerations. Following is some additional information about the pros and cons of different linings used in jewerly boxes.

Silk – Silk is rich and elegant, soft to the touch and beautiful to look at. However, silk is not an optimal lining for a jewelry box. Slick linings like silk may allow the jewelry inside to move around and become loose. Additionally, silk does not protect against tarnishing.

Velvet – Much like silk, velvet is soft, plush and seems like it would be a good lining material for a jewelry box. The fact is that velvet does not make a good lining. Velvet wears quickly, jewelry causes permanent indentations, fibers loosen and adhere to or get stuck in the crevices of jewelry and additionally it is difficult to clean.

Suede or Faux Suede – Suede is soft leather that is perfect for the interior of jewelry boxes. Suede has a texture that will help to keep your jewelry snug, it is relatively easy to clean and additionally helps to keep your jewelry tarnish free.

Felt – Second only to suede, felt is also a good choice for the interior of jewelry boxes and contains the same beneficial properties as suede, however, without the classy, rich feeling that suede provides.

Anti-Tarnish Linings – If you are a silver jewelry collector then you probably already know how easily silver jewelry can tarnish. One way to combat that is by purchasing a jewelry box with an anti-tarnish lining or by purchasing anti-tarnish cloths to wrap your jewelry in after the fact. There are two main types of anti-tarnish linings and cloths, those that are chemically treated and those that contain small specks of silver to trap the sulfur that is naturally emitted by silver jewelry which is the main cause of tarnishing.

Although both work equally well, personally I would recommend the linings with silver. Wrapping jewelry that will be close to my skin in a chemically treated cloth does not sound like the best approach in the long run.