Bezel Set Engagement Rings

Bezel set engagement rings can be the perfect choice for people with a more active lifestyle, and for people who want a simpler and more sleek style to an engagement ring. Let’s look at some of the details of bezel set engagement rings to see if they are the right choice for you.
The bezel engagement ring setting is one of the oldest ways of setting a ring. It is simply a metal rim that encircles the diamond. After the diamond is placed in the bezel, the edges of the metal are pressed down over the edges of the diamond, creating a rim that covers the edges of the diamond and holds it securely in place. While full bezel set engagement rings are the most common, half-bezel settings, in which the rim doesn’t go all the way around the diamond, are becoming more popular.
Bezel set engagement rings can have a very sparse and simplistic look to them. But this doesn’t mean the bezel set rings are plain. In fact, the simplicity of the basic bezel setting allows for a lot of elegance of design and style. A bezel setting that wraps around the central diamond is a bold but simple design. While a circular setting is most popular, bezel settings are used in other shapes as well.
Multiple diamonds can be set, either around the central diamond, or as inlays in the band. And the band itself may be thin or thick, to suit the needs of the wearer. A bezel set diamond ring offers plenty of diversity, but in general, they are sleek, elegant, and functional.
The main benefit of a bezel setting, beyond its appearance, is its strength and functionality. The diamond is held much more securely than it is with traditional prong settings. Plus, the bezel setting has no rough or sharp edges. Women who use their hands a lot, such as nurses, find bezel settings to be the ideal worry-free engagement ring style.
The bezel setting also protects the gemstone better than traditional prong settings. Not only is it held more securely, it is also more protected from scratches and cracks. It can also conceal many imprefections in the diamond, making a bezel set diamond engagement ring look even more beautiful.
There are a few drawbacks to a bezel setting, though. The first is that it can make the diamond look smaller, because it does cover some of the surface area. It can also affect the coloring and brilliance of the stone. Less light is able to get into the diamond, so it may not shine as brightly. This can, however, be remedied with a partial-bezel setting. Another drawback is that dirt and dust can more easily become trapped under the bezel. Slightly more frequent cleanings may be required to keep bezel set engagement rings looking their best.
Bezel set engagement rings make for a great combination of beauty and functionality. For any woman with an active lifestyle who uses her hands frequently, they are an ideal choice. And with so many different options in terms of the style, it’s very easy to find the perfect bezel set engagement ring.