Buy Hoop Earrings For Men Or Women

Some of today’s most attractive and popular jewelry items are the hoop earrings. They are just perfect for both men and women, even though traditionally, it was frowned upon if men wore earrings at all.

If you are going to buy hoop earrings, there are two broad categories to choose from. The first is a simple circular hoop that you wear directly through the piercing, which forms a closed circle.

Secondly, there are dangle earrings which are fixed to the earlobe rather like a stud. Quite often, the latter designs do not actually close up the circle, but are left open behind the earlobe.

There are tons of different hoop earrings to choose from, with varieties in different precious metals such as silver, gold or platinum; you can buy hoop earrings with diamonds and other precious stones, or select a less expensive option featuring cubic zirconias. The sizes available range from the large and flamboyant, to the smaller more sober ones for formal events. With so many different designs and sizes to choose from, what started out as a “quick” shopping trip to pick up some earrings might end up taking fun-packed hours!

The days of the plain hoop earring for men have now gone too. Ever since the rappers have started sporting glamorous diamond encrusted earrings, the fashion in men’s jewelry has exploded. It is still probably unwise for men to try and wear dangle earrings but a small sized hoop, whether a plain ring, or with some exotic design or precious stones, is very much the in thing.

One of the things about mens earrings is the fact that the guys do it often simply to shock other people, especially the older generation.

This was true of the punks in the past, and to a degree is true of the male goths today. There is always an element of demonstrating that they will not conform to what the general public sees as the “norms” of fashion. With goths, for example, they might be inclined to wear more clunky hoop earrings, which look rugged and are generally made from materials not normally associated with fine jewelry, for example polished steel. And these are, of course, available to buy these days.

With hoop earrings perfectly acceptable these days for either men or women, there is never a need to worry when you buy a pair as a gift, that they will be unwelcome!