The blue topaz usually starts out as a topaz crystal that is lightly colored or even colorless . It is only due to irradiating and heating it in very high temperatures will the topaz gem obtain that blue hue. For gemstones or topaz gemstones in particular, the blue topaz is conservatively priced except for the London blue color which has dramatically increased its value due to shortages.
Large topaz stones have no special value and the cut of the stones usually give more premium to the stone itself. An intricate cut heart shaped design would be a rather valuable one because of the cut and if a blue color is chosen then the color itself will give it a higher price than most topaz rings. But pricing for topaz rings such as a blue topaz heart ring will generally be at a reasonable level even with spectacularly beautiful carvings in the precious metal and excellent cuts in the gemstone.
The topaz gemstone is truly a remarkable crystal, with a refractive index that is high and a spectacular polish to it. It also has a hardness of 8 that makes it ideal for jewelry pieces that can be worn anytime and in any occasion. Topaz gemstones are ideal for rings, brooches, earrings, and pendants and as a mark of its lucrative and popular standing among carvers, craftsmen and cutters, the ring is bought in large pieces for them to polish and design.
If you want to show someone how much you love that person, do not hesitate to give her a blue topaz heart ring and you for sure she will be enchanted by your special present. You can also buy this ring from a handmade jewelry artisan on the web. The heart shape has been a representation of love and loyalty from the ancient times until today and it has never failed to deliver that same message across time. Topaz rings can have a wide range of prices – from cheap topaz rings to the more expensive ones – to fit your budget as well as a multitude of available colors, cuts and designs for your convenience. So why don’t you consider proposing to your better half or giving her an unforgettable gift with a blue topaz ring?