Cancer Bracelets: Showing Support

Cancer bracelets have become widely popular in recent years as people increase their knowledge on the disease and subject. Since cancer has the second highest mortality rate in the United States, there have been a number of actions made to improve societal awareness. Included are the creation of bracelets which aim to spread information and consciousness on the deadly disease.

Cancer Colors

Due to the different types of cancer, various colors have also been selected to represent each one. People get to wear these fancy and colorful bracelets which may represent an afflicted loved one. Gray designates brain cancer, pink is for breast cancer, amber is for childhood cancer, royal blue is for colon cancer, brown is for colorectal cancer, black is for melanoma, orange is for leukemia, green is for kidney cancer, peach is for endometrial cancer, red and white is for head and neck cancer, white is for bone cancer, light green is for lymphoma, purple is for cancer of the pancreas, teal is for ovarian, cervical and uterine cancer, light blue is for prostate cancer, lung cancer is clear while other types are designated by lavender.

Gem Colors

Some cancer bracelets are also available with colorful stones or gems representing the type of cancer. Amethyst is purple representing general, pancreatic or gynecological cancer, onyx or jet is used for melanoma, white opal for bone cancer, topaz for leukemia, emerald for kidney cancer, blue zircon for ovarian and cervical cancer, pearl for lung cancer, jonquil for bladder or liver cancer because of its yellow color, and peridot for lymphoma. These semi-precious stones are usually placed together with sterling silver or gold for a more attractive appearance.

The Message

Each cancer bracelet primarily intends to send a message of inspiration and hope to all persons afflicted with the disease. Women in particular have actively been sporting breast cancer bracelets to show that people should exert more effort in finding a cure. All individuals wearing a cancer bracelet empathizes with the fear and lonely feelings of all cancer patients. The bracelets basically present dignity, courage and hope. Faith shows that you believe in healing, courage shows the strong spirit of the patient and hope shows your optimistic attitude.

The Designs

Cancer bracelets are available in several forms like beaded, plain gold or silver and other more sophisticated designs. There are beautiful beaded ones made of silver or cat’s eye plus Swarovski pearls or crystal detailing. Charms may also be added to provide more meaning to the accessory. Gems and other semi-precious stones placed together with silver or gold can cost as much as $238 or more. There are also simpler versions in silicone with engraved words like “Hope, Courage, Faith, etc.” The silicone types come in different colors as well representing specific kinds of cancer. These are available for as low as $1.50.


You may want to have the name of the cancer patient or some words of encouragement imprinted or engraved on the cancer bracelet. This will give a more sensitive and thoughtful touch to the accessory. Should you invest in expensive types of cancer bracelets, make sure you get a warranty or satisfaction guarantee if there is any available. Most manufacturers will be happy to refund your money or replace the bracelet.