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Marry Christmas

.. oops, and I haven’t even touched the sherry yet! I hope everyone has a relaxed, happy wonderful time at Christmas. My Christmas wish would be for peace on earth to all men, women and children and that all conflicts were resolved. It would be lovely if just writing this wee prayer down and saying it to myself at the computer would bring resolution to wars, squabbles and potential disputes – but I know that this may be a forlorn hope.

Man’s competitive nature is destined to ensure that we all want to get to the top of the heap; you only need look at the competitive world of internet marketing to know that the person whose web site is at the top of the search engines is going to be able to cream off the best of the sales online. Darwin spotted this many years ago and if you ever wanted to study a model of evolution, you only need watch the top search engine results for a given search term and see how achieving a top results increases the chance of survival and financial success while eliminating the threat from imitators. Wars and rumours of war are all about positioning countries or groups of people in the top spot so that they can get the cream of the crop and ensure their genes are passed from generation to generation.

You might ask – what am I doing writing a blog post on Christmas Day? Well, sorry, I didn’t really mean to get all philosophical on you – I just wanted you to know that I would love to live in a peaceful world where we combined our energy and resources to help people out of poverty and distress. I’d love the next decade to be more settled than the last. That’s my wee Christmas message.

With love and best wishes from Scotland

Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage engagement rings are growing in popularity. More and more people are choosing to look backwards to past eras for inspiration. And when it comes to elegance, style, fashion, and beauty, these eras offer some fantastic options.

What Are Vintage Engagement Rings?

The distinction between vintage jewelry and antique jewelry is not always clear, and these two terms can be often confused. In general, antique jewelry is from the Victorian Era, or the Edwardian Era. Very rarely, antique jewelry from the earlier Georgian Era can be found. Sometimes, jewelry from the Art Deco era is referred to as antique jewelry.

After the Art Deco era came the Retro Era of jewelry. These rings are sometimes considered antiques as well, although many of them are less than 50 years old. Rings that are less than 50 years old are often referred to as estate rings.

Vintage jewelry is a general term for jewelry that is old or antique. The term vintage is often applied to rings all the way back to the Georgian Era, so there’s not always a real, clear difference between “vintage engagement rings” and “antique engagement rings.”

There are a few things that are for sure about vintage engagement rings, though: First, they are always unique and elegant. Although there is no one style of vintage ring, jewelry from bygone eras has a charm and character that is totally different from modern jewelry.

Second, they often offer a better price than newly made jewelry. Second hand engagement rings may not be as sought after, but they are just as beautiful, and are often much more affordable than brand new engagement rings.

Styles of Vintage Engagement Rings

The overall look and character of a vintage ring is determined mainly by the time period that ir comes from. Victorian vintage engagement rings, for example, have a flowing, curved, elegant beauty to them. They have a soft look, with natural and sentimental themes. Vintage edwardian engagement rings, on the other hand, use brilliant white diamonds and platinum, combined with intricate designs, to create elegant, fashionable, and often extravagant rings.

Art Deco vintage engagement rings are all about style and geometric patterns. Circles and squares, as well as repeating motifs of diamonds, are common in these rings. Retro engagement rings use large stones, and heavy-looking designs.

Authentic Vintage Engagement Rings, Or Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings?

There are many antique rings available that are 50 years old, 100 years old, and sometimes even older! There are also replicas and vintage inspired rings. Which one is right for you?

Vintage antique engagement rings often offer the best prices. This is not only because they are already “used,” but also because there are some differences in the diamonds that make them less valuable by today’s standards. For example, today, clarity and colorlessness is highly valued in diamonds, whereas in the past, a slight color was considered to make the diamonds more beautiful.

If you are looking for cheap vintage engagement rings, you best bet might actually be to go with a genuine antique, rather than with a replica.

Still, some people like the looks and style of vintage eras, but want the brilliance and geometric perfection of modern diamonds. If you fall into this category, then vintage inspired engagement rings are the perfect way to get the best of both worlds.

Whichever style you decide to go with, make sure you are clear about whether what you are buying is a genuine vintage ring, or a replica ring.

Aquamarine Engagement Rings

Aquamarine is a gemstone that is closely related to emeralds. But aquamarine engagement rings have a totally different appearance, character, and feel to them than do engagement rings using emeralds.

So, is aquamarine the right gemstone for your ring?
Aquamarine is the birthstone for March, but it can be worn by women born in any month. It comes in very light colors, ranging from very light blue to a deeper bluish-green. The colors never become deeply saturated, though. Aquamarine always has a translucent and very light appearance to it.

Aquamarine engagement rings are light in color and character. They feel more peaceful and easy-going than the serious depths of emeralds of sapphires. Aquamarine brings to mind the openness of a clear blue sky, or the peaceful blue of a tropical beach.

An aquamarine engagement ring also symbolizes honesty, devotion, optimism, and sincerity. What better way to start off your new life together than with a ring that embodies these ideals?

Another benefit to buying an aquamarine engagement ring is that you don’t have to spend so much money. Aquamarine is less expensive than diamonds, emeralds, or sapphires, meaning that you can get a much higher quality and larger stone for a much lower engagement ring price. In fact, aquamarine stones of 2 or even 3 carats can be found for under $1000.

Aquamarine engagement ring settings can come in any style or design. Bezel settings, or open prong settings both work well. Aquamarine and diamonds make a great combination, too. With some smaller diamond sidestones, or a pave setting, you can have the elegance and symbolism of diamonds in your engagement ring without the costs of buying a large diamond. The light and delicate patterns of filigree metalwork also work well with this gemstone, making aquamarine filigree engagement rings a beautiful choice.

You will also have to choose the cut for your aquamarine stone. Aquamarine is harder and more durable than emerald, making it easier to shape it into a wide variety of cuts. Plus, since it is easier and more affordable to get a very high quality aquamarine stone, you can wear aquamarine in very open cuts, such as a cushion cut or an emerald cut, without worrying about visible inclusions or imperfections. Less conventional cuts, such as a heart cut, or a pear shaped aquamarine engagement ring, work wonderfully, as well.

Aquamarine engagement rings are the perfect choice to capture the peacefulness and sincerity that you want when you are just starting a new life together.