Choosing Wedding Bands For Women

If you’re getting married any time soon, you’ll no doubt want to plan ahead so that everything flows seamlessly on your big day. One item of utmost importance to women is their wedding band. A wedding band can be made of one or more precious metals, it symbolizes the permanence of the marriage covenant. So you’ll want to choose your wedding rings carefully.
Choosing the perfect wedding bands for women is not as easy as it might appear because there are a variety of precious metals and precious stone combinations to make your head spin. Here are the most popular choices for wedding rings:
* Gold: The most popular of the precious metals is a favorite among wedding ring buyers. If you want a gold wedding ring, remember that the precious metal is rated according to the karat system. 9, 10, 14, 18, 21, 22 and 24 are the numerical karat ratings given to gold. A piece of gold that is 10k is on the lowest end of the spectrum while a piece of gold that is 24k is on the highest end of the spectrum. In a nutshell the higher the karat gold in your ring the more you can expect to pay.
* Platinum: One of the world’s more valuable metals, platinum is a desirable material from which to construct wedding engagement rings. Platinum is a greyish-white chemical element that is not as prone to corrosion as are some other precious metals. Platinum is very dense and will feel a great deal heavier than gold or silver. Although Platinum appears to scratch it doesn’t at all, let me explain, the ’scratch’ you see on a piece of platinum jewellery is actually a displacement, the best way for me to explain it is that it is like when you step in sand on the beach, the sand it moved around or dispersed but not lost, the same applies to platinum jewelry, you don’t lose any of the metal and it can be rebuffed to look like new. Platinum wedding bands will be your most expensive choice, you’ll also be far better off having your piece coated in Rhodium just like silver to keep it looking as new as possible.
* Silver: Silver is another popular choice as a substitute for a gold wedding band. Silver, although a great deal cheaper than gold remains an elegant choice if you’re on a smaller budget. You can get 925 silver (sterling silver), 800 silver and pure silver. If you elect to go with silver it’s best to purchase Rhodium plated silver, you see the thin layer or plate of Rhodium protects the surface of the piece to reduce scratching and tarnishing.

It’s advisible to get your silver and platinum bands re-treated with Rhodium every 1 to 3 years depending on how much you’re wearing them, so in the case of your wedding rings it will be more in the area or every year.
In addition to the aforementioned precious metals, jewelry can also consist of precious stones that can give your wedding jewelry some added oomph. Precious stones include diamonds, emerald sapphire and ruby. So you can go for designs such as a customizable silver three-stone band, three-stone diamond band, white gold band, diamond crosscut center band and more.
Where To Find Them
Choosing your wedding band is supposed to be a once in a lifetime event. If you have a trusted jeweller that would be the place to go, personally I would stay away from the chain jewellery stores. If you’re in a major city like New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Toronto or any other major city in the world you’ll have a jewellery district, take a day or two and visit a number of shops, you’ll be surprised at the amazing deals you can strike. You’ll get more for your money and much higher quality and be able to choose from a much wider selection of styles and designs.
If you’re not concerned about the personal shopping experience some alternatives are:
– Online Auction Sites: Going this route means that you could buy new or used jewelry for discounted rates. Using the auction sites will also potentially increase your selection options. A popular and reputable online auction site is eBay. This site, and others like it, usually allow previous buyers to rate the vendors, so you should look at these comments before deciding to do business with any particular vendor.
– Online Stores: By using the Internet, you can potentially buy jewelry from vendors all around the world. There are lots of vendors globally, so the online stores route opens up a wider range of buying opportunities.
Taking Care Of Your Rings
It’s not enough to buy stellar rings, you also need to maintain them so that they continue to dazzle unblemished and undimmed. Some ways to keep your jewelry looking its best are to take them off before applying lotion or make-up, to remove them before getting into a chlorinated swimming pool and to refrain from constantly rubbing your ring so as to avoid an excessive oil buildup on your jewelry. When it comes to cleaning your wedding ring, you can use specially designed jewelry cleaners to do a good job. If you’re willing to pay a bit extra to have a jeweller do the cleaning, you can go for ultrasonic cleaning or sulfuric acid cleaning.