Copper Magnetic Bracelets: How Effective Are They?

Copper Magnetic Bracelets: Combining Two Therapies

People have used copper for years to help alleviate pain in the wrist and other joints from illnesses like arthritis. Copper is said to have many attributes. An old wives’ tale even states that a copper penny under the tongue can keep you from crying when cutting an onion. Many people swear by the healing properties of copper.

The same can be said of magnetic therapy. There are many people who use magnets to relieve pain and other symptoms associated with injuries or medical conditions. The user reports the pain is less and the joint is able to perform as it should because of magnets.

These two therapies have joined with the introduction of the copper magnetic bracelets. These stylish wrist bands are used by many people around the world to help aid in healing the body. The magnetic field surrounding the joint is said to stimulate blood flow. This increased circulation is what is generating the healing affects.

Clinical Research

Clinical research has been done, and is still ongoing, to determine the true effects magnets have on the human body. There is some concern there is no therapeutic benefits from static magnetic therapy. Although it is well known electromagnetic therapy can aid in the healing of broken bones, the same can not be said about static magnets. In actuality, there is just not any true way to test this.

The problem is the magnets themselves. The people who are wearing them know because of the pull the magnets have on certain ferrous objects surrounding them. There is no way to obtain an accurate reading without the test subject being biased. It is the placebo-effect problem. When someone is told a certain thing will help, they tend to believe it.

When the test subjects were told the magnets may or may not decrease the amount of pain they were feeling, most of them did report a lessening of the discomfort. Researchers were not able to tell whether this was actually the case or whether the test subjects just believed it to be true. This was supposed to be a double blind test. However, the only ones blind were the researchers. The test subjects knew they had the bracelets.

Satisfied Users

For all intents and purposes, the consumers who have bought the copper magnetic bracelets have reported they do notice a decrease in discomfort. This is not something which occurs overnight. Most of the time it is not noticed for at least 6 weeks or more. However, they do say the reduction in pain is significant. Certain patients who suffer fYour Doctorrom fibromyalgia have made claims that they are now living a more normal, productive life again.

Although the Food and Drug Administration will not allow companies to advertise theĀ copper magnetic braceletsĀ as health aids, there are testimonials which are being written every day by users. When researching the magnetic therapy affects on the Internet, there are many web sites devoted to satisfied users. Many people who have started wearing the bracelets are now buying them for friends and loved ones.

Your Doctor

It is always advisable to speak with your physician before trying any new type of treatment. Certain health conditions may exist which can be aggravated by the use of magnetic therapy. There is so little known about the effects of magnets on the human body, no risks should be taken.