Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

The cushion cut, also known as the pillow cut, has become very popular recently. Although it has an antique look—in fact, they were very popular in the Victorian era—they also have a great sparkle and a uniqueness that gives them a lot of appeal for women today.

What Is A Cushion Cut?

The general shape of a cushion cut diamond is square or slightly rectangular, with rounded corners. It is similar to a diamond cut called the “old mine” cut, which was began in the seventeenth century. The old mine cut used all of the defining characteristics of today’s brilliant cuts, but could be made with simpler technology. The cushion cut is a multi-faceted brilliant cut which takes its heritage from the facets of the old mine cut, but has been perfected with modern technology.

In general 58 facets is considered ideal, although there isn’t a set number of facets that a cushion cut must contain. This is slightly fewer facets than most modern brilliant cuts have, so it means that the sparkle is a little bit less brilliant, and a little bit more subdued and romantic. Think of the diamond catching the delicate hues of dim candlelight, and you’ll easily understand why it is sometimes called a “candlelight cut.”

What To Look For In Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

The cushion cut has more subdued, and brilliant tones. It still has a brilliant sparkle to it, though, and it’s important to choose a diamond and setting that brings that out.

First, there are a lot of options within the cushion cut. When choosing a cushion cut diamond, you can choose from perfectly square, or slightly rectangular, or very rectangular. Find the shape that appeals the most to you, and that has the sparkle that you think is the most beautiful. Watch out, also, for the depth of the cut. The depth can affect how light is reflected, and can change how brilliantly your cushion cut engagement ring sparkles.

Because this cut has slightly fewer facets than other modern brilliant cuts, it has a more open appearance. More of the diamond’s internal properties are displayed, and flaws or inclusions become much more apparent. When choosing a diamond for a cushion cut engagement ring, make sure that it is of a high clarity and color grade. In a cushion cut, more than in maybe any other cut, the quality of the diamond is very important and very apparent.

Because of the unique appearance of the diamond, and because larger diamonds are often used, a solitaire setting can be the perfect style to showcase the brilliance of the diamond. This traditional pronged setting, with 4 prongs or more depending on the size of the diamond, is most common. It’s also popular to add a pave setting around the central diamond. Cushion cut pave engagement rings use multiple smaller diamonds to frame the central, cushion cut stone, and they can accentuate the shape of the stone, and really add a lot of sparkle and glamor.

Cushion Cut Engagement Ring Prices

Cushion cuts are less common in engagement rings, so it can be a challenge to find one. Many jewelery stores won’t carry a cushion cut diamond engagement ring. So, you have the option of looking online, or of buying a loose diamond and having it set into a ring.

Also, because the cushion cut shows off the diamond’s clarity and internal perfection, you’ll have to find a high quality diamond. Of course, you can choose a diamond of lower quality, but make sure that you examine it closely first, and ensure that the flaws aren’t overly noticeable to you. If you don’t have the budget for a high enough quality stone, you can always get a smaller diamond. Or, you can consider going with some cuts that are less revealing and will allow you to use a diamond with less clarity.

The cushion cut works best with larger diamonds, so it can be difficult to find an affordable cushion cut engagement rings with smaller diamonds. But it’s still possible.

For a large cushion cut engagement ring of 3 or more carats, expect to pay $20,000 minimum. In the 1-3 carat range, depending on quality, you can get something for a minimum of $3,000. For smaller diamonds less than 1 carat, it is possible to find beautiful, solitaire settings under $1,000.

So if you really have your heart set on a cushion cut engagement, there is an option that suits your engagement ring budget. You can find something for under $1,000, or you can go as expensive as your bank account will allow.

If you’re really interested in the antique aspects of the cushion cut, you may consider buying an antique cushion cut engagemet ring, as well. They can be a bit more expensive because of their uniqueness, but the diamonds and ring styles have an amazing appearance unlike anything in modern times. They’re sure to turn some heads for their unique beauty.

Regardless of the choice you make, a cushion cut engagement ring is a beautiful, unique, and romantic ring to give to your sweetheart.