Dazzling you with a diamond pendant, or a rare black pearl necklace

Imagine the sheer dazzling beauty of a flower diamond pendant!

This stunning piece is made of 14-carat yellow gold with four champagne diamond petals to create a sweet, flower design accented by a single round diamond in the center. Your pendant is going to hang from a 16-inch, 14- carat yellow gold cable and the clasp is a lobster clasp.  This diamond pendant is brilliant to say the least.  For another stunning piece of jewelry, how about a Tiffany Hart. This pendant is set in a heart-shape with round diamonds and has a total weight of two carats.  Of course, with these types of necklaces, all diamonds are 100%-natural and have a light brown to coffee color and S. I. clarity. How about another exciting piece like a Tahitian black pearl necklace!  Black pearl is so rare and so beautiful!

It takes about five to six months for a white pearl to cultivate in the oyster, whereas black pearls require a period of up to 24 months to achieve a desirable size for a black pearl necklace.  Founded in French Polynesia, this oyster is commonly called black leapt oyster and can grow as large as 12 inches in diameter or weigh as much as 10 pounds as opposed to the white oysters which weigh in at about 3 pounds. Whether it is a diamond pendant or the oyster necklace, either one is beautiful.

When it comes to the diamond pendant, dark-colored diamonds can be very attractive if they are cut right.  When it comes to finding the right diamond, it is important to be knowledgeable and to consult with our many reputable online vendors to make sure you have all the facts you need to make a fun yet knowledgeable and prudent purchase.  There are many imitations out there and when it comes to a black pearl necklace this is no exception.  Whether you are looking for a diamond pendant or a black pearl necklace, you have arrived at the right place.

Happy shopping!