Diamond Wedding Rings

Diamond wedding rings aren’t just for brides—these days, grooms opt to match their wedding rings with those of their bride. And for others, it feels good to wear a diamond ring, if only to enjoy the social status a diamond wedding band. For a man, to buy a diamond wedding ring isn’t easy—he has to consider not just the material and design of the ring but also the quality of the stones.

True, a man’s diamond wedding ring isn’t given as much importance as his bride’s diamond wedding ring, yet he must choose his ring with care, preferably on the bases of the “4Cs”—carat weight, clarity, color and cut.

Carat weight: Though one carat is equivalent to 200 mg, hardly ever will you find men’s diamond rings with a stone that large. Instead, you will find them wearing several small diamonds that don’t add up to one carat. A full carat is also equivalent to 100 points, so your jeweler might refer to a ring as having 10 point diamonds.

Clarity: From the clarity of a diamond, you see the number and extent of its flaws—though usually, a good diamond will hardly have any flaws. Hardly ever will you come across a completely flawless diamond, considering each year only 200 “FL” diamonds are produced.

Color: The color of the diamond depends on its yellowness and can be graded on a Gemological Institute of India (GIA) scale. Ideally, a perfect diamond is completely colorless and is ranked D. If they are nearly colorless, they are ranked I and J. A fully yellow stone is graded Z, though an average color for an engagement diamond ranges between G and H.