Different Body Type for Different Wedding Dresses

Your body type can be saying that you cannot wear a sheath type of wedding dress or you are more suitable to wear an A-line wedding dress. So before even purchasing your wedding dress, better determine your body type.

My sister-in-law fell into this trap while she was planning her wedding. She did the same research as most brides did. She searched for her wedding dress in catalogues and through the internet. But what she did was to hire a seamstress to do her dress. Although the seamstress was incredibly good, what they did not foresee was the cut of the dress was not for her. All she had to rely was her printed picture she got from the internet.

So the seamstress took all the measurements and started creating the dress and during the first fitting, we saw that the dress, however, beautiful it was specially if it was matched by pearl bridal jewelry, just did not fit her entirely.

We ended up, choosing a newer type of wedding dress and the tailor had to work double time since the first one was a mess. The good side though, was that the second dress was perfect and as for the first wedding dress, we sold it on eBay and thank God, someone bought it!