Discount Tennis Bracelet: How and Where to Get Them

You may be wondering what a tennis bracelet is and how it got its name. Currently, there are several kinds and makes and these continue to rise in popularity especially among fashionably savvy individuals. The discount tennis bracelet should be both aesthetic and functional so you have to know the unique traits to get your money’s worth when purchasing.

What is a Tennis Bracelet?

During a match in 1987, professional tennis player Chris Evert wore a bracelet with an inline string of diamonds which were individually set. The clasp accidentally broke loose hurling the jewelry on the ground. Evert then asked the game officials to pause the match until the bracelet was found. The term tennis bracelet was then coined describing bracelets that had an inline string of diamonds.

Rising in Popularity

Although tennis bracelets had a rather athletic origin, these were more often seen and worn during formal occasions because of the elegance and sparkle. Individual diamond or other lustrous materials like crystals were set squarely then placed into a single bracelet held together by a clasp. Silver or other quality metals were used for the settings and support wiring of the jewelry. Since each diamond or stone is individually set, tennis bracelets then had a unique and comfortable feature of moving freely when worn compared to other conventional types. There are tennis-style bracelets and discount tennis bracelets as well featuring an inline group of stones with various sizes and colors. However, the classic design of original tennis bracelets has a very uniform arrangement and these are considerably more expensive overall.

Important Features

The safety latch or clasp of a discount tennis bracelet should be meshed properly and secured well with a hook. The metal safety latch is springy so it can work well and lock with the hook. Usually, safety latches appear in chains and figure eights. The chain safety latch style connects from the other side of the main clasp up to another small stud so that even if the main clasp snaps, the chain acts as support and secures the bracelet until repair is made.

The figure eight safety latch style consists of a double metal loop with one loop snapping over a small post on the main clasp. The second loop snaps over another small post on the other side of the main clasp. The figure eight loops then secures the bracelet because of its connection to the main clasp posts even if the main clasp itself snaps. It is expected that the mesh loosens over time easing the security of the bracelet so a secondary security measure has also been designed to increase its reliability for many years to come.

More on Discount Tennis Bracelets

A discount tennis bracelet should be custom fitted by the buyer to ensure comfort during movement as well as security of the latch. Very tight ones can cause skin chaffing and may be pulled too tightly and broken while very loose ones can be snagged, pulled or hurled easily. The ideal fit of a discount tennis bracelet would be a single finger easily passing between the wrist and the bracelet.

The Cost

Usually, a discount tennis bracelet can cost around $3,000 to $5,000 depending on the design and materials used. There are special discount prices offered by sellers and manufacturers occasionally if you chance on promo periods and introductory models.