Estate Jewelry Bead Necklaces Are Popular

This is a season full of fun and boldness, right down to your jewelry. That’s why estate jewelry bead necklaces are popular this season. In fact their more than popular – they are “Hot Hot Hot!” The bigger and bolder the more beautiful! Any material type goes as does any color. The more eyecatching the better!

The designers have out a host of chic and fun bead necklaces this season, but be sure to check our vintage selection too! We have some great buys that will certainly rival the higher priced designer pieces.

Some of this seasons pics include:

• Multi strand fruit beads
• Fun beach style necklaces with lemons or other tropical fruit
• Bright colored beads such as chartreuse or hot pink
• Wood beads – the bigger the better
• Large stand out necklaces with huge pendants
• Rope beads that can be doubled up, tied in knots or mixed with other bead necklaces
• Multi layers of bead necklaces are definately chic!
• Mixed colors are popular
• Graduating bead necklaces going from small beads to larger focal beads
• Cord necklaces are great focusing on the pendant
• Crystals and rhinetones will add glamour
• Pearls have had a facelift now very popular in a multitude of colors

This season is perfect for letting your true personality shine. Mix and match your costume jewelry for not only your wardrobe but for your mood. Have some fun! Tis the season for a refreshing bold look!