Family Bracelets: Telling The Story Of Generations

There was a time when mothers dreamed of being able to have a mother’s ring. All the children represented in one solitary band with different birth stones embedded into the setting. This has changed a great deal with the introduction of the the family bracelets.

Family bracelets are a wonderful way to show mothers and grandmothers everywhere how much they are appreciated. These jewelry items will make any woman feel special. The wonderful thing is they will make the family members feel good too. It is a joy to be able to see the grandchildren’s faces light up when they see themselves represented by either their name or gemstone or both.

Designs To Choose From

You can order the family bracelet in many different styles and designs. One of the most popular is the name bracelet. This band allows up to four names to be listed. You can add other strands for the larger family. Another popular bracelet is the style which allows you to have up to seven family members names engraved onto the bracelet.

You can order these fine pieces of jewelry in 14 karat gold or sterling silver. There are some which are offered in white gold. The choice is yours as to how you want your family represented. It is wonderful to be able to locate your place on the bracelet with a glance. You can even have the names spelled out and then separated with the birth stones.

One of the most attractive is the beaded family bracelet. The beads can spell out the names of the children and grand children. With the sleek, sophisticated design the jewelry is no heavy or cumbersome. The double or even triple strands are beautiful and sit comfortably on the wrist. Anyone would be proud to have one with their family represented.

A Great Gift For Grandma

These jewelry pieces are the perfect gift for Mother’s Day or birthdays. You can also think about giving one as a present to the new grandmother. The first strand would have the children listed the next strand would be the start of the grandchildren. This way Grandma can build her own bracelet as the grand children are born. Or a new family tradition could be started by presenting her with a new piece for her bracelet whenever a new grand child comes into the family. The creative ideas are endless when it comes to these wonderful heirlooms.

These jewelry pieces are like no other when it comes to gifts for the beloved mother or grandmother. It is an heirloom which can be passed down from generation to generation. It is also the one thing you know will touch any woman’s heart. To be able to look at her jewelry and see her family all in one place is a wonderful feeling.

It is with great pride that the grandchildren can see themselves represented. With small additions like charms, there can even be a story line with the family bracelets, each charm representing a time in the family’s life which can be remembered. How wonderful to be able to hold a child and show them the heritage or reminisce over some funny memory represented on the bracelet.