Favorite Summer Wedding Flowers: Blue Hydrangeas

Blue is one of the most beloved colors for weddings, and brides often ask me how they can plan their wedding using “true blue” blossoms. Unfortunately, there are very few flowers that grow in shades of blue. However summer brides are very lucky, because spectacular blue hydrangeas come into season in the early summer months. Check out some of the best ways to use blue hydrangeas in a wedding.

To me, blue hydrangeas just scream “Nantucket”. The New England seaside town has the perfect climate and soil for growing big fluffy blossoms in the signature shade of blue. A classic bouquet of hydrangeas is just the thing for a preppy bride, along with a simple silk gown and a strand of pearls. I once attended a July wedding in New England, and the outdoor ceremony site was decorated very simply with tall tin pails overflowing with blue hydrangeas. While I tend to prefer more elaborate floral arrangements, the informal decorations were absolute perfection. Because they have such full heads, it only takes a few stems of hydrangeas to create a lush display, and it couldn’t be easier for the DIY bride to do herself. If you want to add a bit more to your ceremony decor, pop some blue hydrangeas into little metal buckets and hang them off the chairs lining the aisle. So pretty.

Hydrangeas are also marvelous for decorating wedding cakes. You can create a very striking cake by stacking the tiers with a little space between them. Fill the space with clouds of blue hydrangeas for a lovely effect. Or take your inspiration from this charming little cake from a Nantucket reception: it is created to look like a Nantucket basket, complete with pale blue blossoms spilling out. How delightful! Another idea is to create a classic white basketweave cake and top it with the flowers. Since the flowers themselves have a lot of presence, a fairly simple cake design will work well.

The fullness of hydrangeas makes them suitable for all sorts of interesting creative wedding decorations. One thing that looks really cool is to rent clear acrylic table boxes to top the dinner tables. Stuff the clear boxes with your blue flowers to create the effect of dining on a bed of blossoms. It will make a really unique statement! For a more country style wedding, create wreaths, swags, or garlands from your hydrangeas. You can mix in white roses, greens, and other colors if you wish to break up the blue a little bit. Tabletop wreaths look fantastic encircling hurricane lanterns for outdoor receptions, while regular wreaths are wonderful to hang on the church doors, over a barn reception entrance, or even from a tree.

Perhaps the only drawback to using fabulous blue hydrangeas in your wedding is the cost. The best thing to do is order them only when they are in season. Because they are large, you can easily combine a limited number of hydrangea stems with other flowers (white, yellow, green, or purple would be stunning) to keep the cost under control. If you plan to tie the knot in the summer, definitely consider using blue hydrangeas in your wedding.