Finding The Perfect Gold Ring

When you think of jewellery you think of gold, they go hand in hand. When you think of hand jewellery you naturally think of rings. The most well known precious metal is gold, a chemical element commonly used to manufacture, among other things, rings, bracelets, earrings, bangles, brooches and pins, chains and more – and for good reason. The bright yellow precious metal is a symbol of wealth and prosperity, so it’s no wonder that people like to wear it. Another great reason for going with gold jewelry is that it lacks oxides which means that it doesn’t tarnish like silver and other lower grade base metals.
Twenty-four karats is the highest possible purity rating for gold but is seldom used especially in rings due it’s highly maleable nature. The other ratings are 22k, 10k, 14k, 16k and 18k. As for how the rating system works, 24k’s purity rating of 100% means that 22k’s purity rating is 22/24, which translates into 91.7% purity. The higher the karat rating, the greater the value of the gold, so the value of gold drops in proportion to the amount of other metals, referred to as alloys, mixed in with the gold.
Styles & Designs
Rings come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and styles suitable for men, women and children. Whether you’re looking for something particularly stylish or conservatively traditional, you’ll be able to find plenty of options suitable for males and females of all ages.
Specific ring designs include almongst others the diamond gold ring, peridot ring, pearl ring, white gold ring, white gold rings, gold engagement ring, gold bow tie ring, gold interlaced ring, gold abstract ring, gold amethyst ring, gold gemstone ring and white gold diamond ring, just to name a few. You’ll most certainly find plenty of styles and designs that jive with your own wishes. And, if you really want something unique, you can always have something custom made.
The great thing about rings is that you can find a style to suit virtually any occasion and wear them with just about anything. In fact, rings are the jewelry equivalent of the little black dress for women and the classic black suit for men.
Where to Buy
You can find the best in jewellery may be as easy as heading over to your favorite jewellery store. You’ll no doubt find a great selection of rings that you can check out, try on and query about. Fortunately, many larger department stores have jewelry sections with a wide selection of rings. So there are plenty of options. Another great source to a great deal on your next purchase believe it or not is a pawn shop, you see, pawn shops buy all kinds of gold jewelry and pay the people trading them in next to nothing therefore they can in turn offer them for sale a far below retail prices.
If you’re more comfortable with the e-commerce thing, you might want to consider visiting online auction sites to score a sweet deal or buying from retailers’ websites. Either way, you’ll uncover more opportunities to get what you want. Speaking of websites, site like craiglist, ebay and kijiji have entire categories devoted to people who list their unwanted gold jewelry and some of it for a song. If you choose one of these avenues make sure you only deal with people face to face in your local area, the one downside is they are notorious for people running scams where the seller wants you to send them funds and they’ll send you the items, most are scams. Stick to Ebay or a well established website for an online transaction.
Taking Care Of Your Jewellery
Caring for rings or any other kind gold jewellery isn’t as hard as it might appear. When putting them away, be sure to place them in something like a lined jewellery box with velvet or wrap each piece of gold individually in tissue paper and then store them in small pouches. You see gold scratches easily and the higher the karat the softer the jewellery thus the easier it can scratch.
Many people say you can clean your jewellery by soaking them with dishwashing liquid mixed with water and lightly scrubbing them with a soft-bristle toothbrush. Although this works, if you use this method too often it will end up scratching your jewellery, if you’re interested in keeping you bling in top notch shape you can pick up an ultrasonic cleaner, they are quite reasonable, for a personal sized unit you’re looking at $40 to $65. They are much safer and clean anthing from heavy gold rings to delicate chains and bracelets.
Ultrasonic cleaners use a combination of ultrasonic waves combined with a mild cleaner and warm water and gently clean your items in about 3 minutes, a much better method to keep your gold jewellery looking shiney and new.