Funky Acrylic Jewellery

We’re going back in time and taking a trip down memory lane! That’s right, here at FCJ we’re revisiting the old skool arcade games of the 80’s! Who could forget the yellow pill munching hero of the classic game pacman and let’s not forget those pesky horizontal moving aliens from space invaders! These legendary games had us hooked for hours! Now we’re giving you the opportunity to revisit these old skool games through our new range of laser cut acrylic jewellery! We have joined forces to bring you the coolest accessories out there today! We have our pill munching bright yellow pacman hooked onto a silver plated necklace! He won’t be munching he’s way through anything as long as he’s clasped around your neck! Beware though as our yellow pill muncher is also available as acrylic earrings! That’s right, bright yellow and funky these acrylic pacman earrings will be the talk of the town. Be careful that he doesn’t get too hungry and chomp off your ears! You may want to tempt your pacman to chomp on our blue and red ghost acrylic necklaces and acrylic earrings instead! Wear your acrylic pacman designed necklace and a pair of our acrylic ghost earrings available in red and blue! Now that is what we would call expressing your love for not only the funkiest silver jewellery Sydney out there today but for your die hard love of pacman!

Now we did mention those pesky horizontal aliens, the ones that really got our mouse working over time. A trip back down memory lane would not be complete without revisiting the arcade game space invaders! Here at FCJ, we have brought acrylic laser cutting to new levels! We have designed acrylic necklaces and acrylic earrings of your all time favourite games. Choose from our range of space invader acrylic necklaces or acrylic earrings! Available in bright yellow, luminous green and hot pink, this acrylic jewellery will have you looking funky in no time! What better way to accessorise than with our colourful funky acrylic jewellery range!