Gold Locket Classic And Elegant

For women, who prefer more elegant and sophisticated designs that they can form an emotional attachment to, we arrive at the most timeless design of all – the locket, be it oval, vintage or heart shaped. Anyone can tell you that jewellery fashions change with the wind. Every season, different designs become popular; and then three seasons later, old designs come back into fashion.
This poses a problem, then, for the person looking to give a loved one a gift that will create a lasting memory, a timeless design that will, in fact, never go out of style. Hard as it may be to believe, such things exist – the world of jewellery is full of contradictions, and even though the fashions of today often rotate and give way to the beloved concepts of yesteryear, there are those rare designs that will perpetually be in style. For men, whose jewellery tends to fall on the more functional, and practical side, it is cufflinks and watches.
For such a classic design, there are a surprisingly large amount of twists on the locket theme. For an interesting visual variation, consider the white gold locket – white gold is an alloy of gold and other metals, and provides a more muted elegance than the flashy extroversion of yellow gold. A woman that likes subtlety in her jewellery will appreciate this. As a further note, a yellow gold locket can be rather hard to match to a wide variety of outfits, as it tends to monopolize people’s attention and draw attention to a clash of colors – white gold accessories provide the perfect solution to this, as they can blend into a much wider variety of colors, and complement an outfit rather than detract from it.
If you do decide to stick with the more traditional gold amulet, there are still plenty of variations that can be found. The most classic, of course, is the gold heart locket, one of the most truly timeless examples of jewellery design. Poems have been crafted about them, Disney stories have been written about them – every young lady should own at least one, whether gifted by a parent, a friend, or a beau. Every jewellery house, from the European luxury marques to the smallest private houses, make these – and they can be customized in a wide variety of ways; they can be turned into tiny picture frames, or they can be inscribed with personal writing, or they can even be engraved with a family crest or a zodiac sign. It is hard to find a design that so flawlessly combines versatility and elegance. Of course, you will need a vessel to carry your locket and nothing could be better than choosing from one of the many varied styles of gold necklaces available today, be it curb, box, filagree or diamond cut matching the chain to the locket will complete your ensemble.
Then, naturally, there is the gold oval locket. This, also, can be engraved, inscribed, or made to hold a picture or note. These are considered to be quite a challenge by many jewellers, because they are one of the hardest designs to create correctly – because they are so simple, it is easy to go overboard and “overdesign” them, and in the process detract from the natural elegance of the design. Truly artistic jewellers will add minimal complication, and let the classic design speak for itself.
Clearly, then, gold jewellery’s designs and style are endless and gold lockets are considered to be in a class of their own whose pure beauty will withstand the test of time. Every young lady dreams of being a princess, and Disney taught us that every princess needs a locket. Who are we to argue with such powerful tradition and fantasy?