Handmade Gold Bracelets

In recent times the rise and rise of machine made jewelry whether it be gold, silver or any other material has threatened to to stamp out the ancient art and craft of making jewelry by hand. In the 21st century however we are seeing a return of the traditions and craft of the skilled artisan, fuelled by a public demand for a cheaper, more unique alternative to the mass produced and more much more expensive designer jewelry made popular during the years of plenty. With the world plunged into a recession and with the price of Gold at an all time high, its often cheaper to seek out a handmade gold bracelet for example than one being sold in a high street jewellery store.

Handmade jewelry is unique. No handmade gold bracelet is like any other in the market. If a gold bracelet buyer needs to change the setting of a stone or a pattern in the design of handmade jewelry, it can easily be changed and fixed by the maker. For machine made gold bracelets, it will be hard for a buyer to have these pieces redesigned. If ever locks are broken or links are cut, handmade jewelry can also be fixed by the person who crafted the piece at a cheaper price. What manufacturers do to fix a machine made jewelry is that they melt the entire gold bracelet and just produce it again. For handmade jewelry, the maker checks on the defect and fixed the broken area without having to melt the entire gold bracelet.

When purchasing handmade jewelry, do check and ask for a certificate of authentication, a carat and weight certification. You might be awed by the intricacy of the design that you forget to check on the other stones and gems that have been embedded on to the gold bracelet. By buying handmade jewelry, you are helping promote the art of crafting handmade jewelleries. There is no doubt that these hand crafted jewelries will catch attention and will definitely be a good buy!