How To Clean Verdigris From Your Costume Jewelry

Over time, metals used in costume jewelry often form a green gunk disease which is called verdigris. Learn how to clean verdigris from your costume jewelry.

The presence of the green gunk tells you that underneath it there is some form of metal damage, whether it be just to the plating, or deeper down into the core of the metal.

Some products that are helpful in combatting verdigris are Catsup, vinegar, and lemon juice. That’s because all of these products have an acidic base.

If the green gunk is really heavy, start by using a soft brush to work off as much of the loose material as you can.

You should alway use caution when using any of these products on non-precious materials. There are never any guarantees when it comes to cleaning verdigris but I think they are certainly worth a try.