How To Keep Up With The Latest Jewellery Trends

Fashion Trends: A Must To Follow?
It’s a question many of us ask ourselves, “do I really need to change everything again this season?” The answer we give ourselves is often split. On the one hand there are gorgeous new designs in clothing and jewellery that we think we can’t do without. On the other, our more rational brain says you can’t afford to do this every few months! It’s quite the dilemma, especially when everyone around you is doing the same thing; you don’t want to get left behind. Surely there is a way around this seasonal nightmare.

Tips On Keeping Up With Jewellery Trends
Jewellery can sometimes be the hardest fashion to keep up with, because, for one thing, you have to pay for quality and, too, it really is quite specialist knowledge. Here, however, are a few tips to help you keep up to date:

• Media – as the fashion changes, check out a variety of media to know what’s about to come in to season. This could include magazines, but also blogs, where people will give their viewpoints on what’s hot and what’s not. If you follow a blogger with a taste you want to emulate, there’s less chance of you making a decision you’ll later regret.

• Check your collection – fashions tend to come in waves, so make sure you don’t already have something that’s about to come into fashion, before you head to the shops and buy it. It doesn’t make sense to replicate the same designs.

• Swapping parties – these are becoming more fashionable all the time. Grab your mates and organise a night in where you take your old stuff and swap it for something new. It can be based on a theme, such as jewellery, or it could be a general swap. These parties can save you loads of money and they’re “eco friendly” ways to be chic too. Add cocktails for extra fun.

• Vintage – again, as fashions tend to come in waves, you might be able to find a very similar piece of jewellery in a second hand shop, available for a fraction of the price.

• Buy quality – if you decide you really need to buy new jewellery, make sure it’s good quality, so that it lasts. You can also buy classic pieces that won’t become dated in a few months when the next trend comes around the corner.

Personal Touches
The above suggestions are just a few ways for you to keep up to date with the latest jewellery trends, whilst also keeping your budget in mind and ensuring you don’t make any fashion mistakes. When it comes to fashion though, nothing says cool more than making your own statement. So, don’t be afraid to buck a trend and go your own way.

With jewellery, you also can’t go wrong with a classic, such as Swarovski Crystal Necklaces, for special occasions. When it comes down to it, the main thing is to make sure you have fun with your fashion decisions, as really that’s what counts.