Gold is the number one status symbol in the world. Human fascination with gold, jewellery, and gemstones of any kind is deeply rooted in history that it almost seems as inherent as our desire to stay young forever. That’s why Michael Kors brought out one of their high standard designer watches as a celebration of everything gold and precious. 367 sparkling stones adorn this stunning timepiece and the case is made out of gold plated stainless steel. The MK5720 is not an everyday kind of timepiece but if you ever have a very special occasion for which you want to show yourself from your best side with that extra bit of glamour and shine then this designer watch might be for you. It is available on
We reserve gold for special occasions: two golden wedding rings for the bride and the groom, a golden crown for a king, a gold medal for the winner of the Olympics. Gold is reserved for winners and people who have achieved something great and outstanding. It is a symbol of the ultimate reward.
The yearning for immortality and precious metal is so strong in mankind that this desire started taking form in ancient Egypt already the birth place of alchemy. What exactly is included in the broad term ‘alchemy’ differs depending on what definition you’re looking at but in essence the elixir of life and making gold out of basic metal was a major focal point for alchemists.
In the 16th century alchemy split into two half of the alchemists focused on the scientific issues involved which is why alchemy is considered to be the forerunner of modern chemistry. The other half focused on the more spiritual side of alchemy. The fascination was so strong that forms of alchemy developed independently in China and on the Indian subcontinent. Major gold rushes took place in the 19th century in America, Australia, South Africa, Canada and Brazil. Thousands of workers migrated to places that seemed the most promising in their pursuit of finding their own gold mine.
It goes to show that the longing for gold is as old as humanity itself and it hasn’t lost its appeal. We might not have found the fountain of youth yet but you can own the ultimate gold watch. You can be sure to stand out with Michael Kors’ bold and exciting design!

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