Like many people these days I don’t have a lot of money and so I can’t buy big expensive things to brighten up my home so I turn to the smaller things, like curtains, rugs, cushion covers etc. I’ve been wanting to change the flat a little recently to make it a bit more homely. We move in last October so haven’t been here that long really, but I just want to add a splash more personality to the beige walls. My first step was new curtains, as the ones we had up were rather crackden chic. I popped onto eBay and, after trawling through all the damn shops, found an individual seller selling a pair of curtains with two matching cushion covers! Whoop!

So, This Purchase Has Sparked, Yet Another, Crazy Home Interiors Obsession For Me, And This Is My Wish List……So Far :

I love these watergrass baskets from Wilkinsons they would be perfect for hiding away junk on a big black shelving unit that we have. I love baskets and boxes, they’re great and a speedy way of tidying! At only £8 for two I have a couple of these on my to buy list! Still with Wilkos, we have some really different fairy lights that would look lovely over the top of a large vivarium we have in our living room. I really like fairy lights as accent lighting in a room, they give a lovely warm glow and an excellent level of light for watching tv. They’re only £10 too, which I think is really good value! Think this rug from The Range has gone straight to the top of my need list. We have been on the lookout for a new rug for a while and I just love the words on this one, plus it’s just the right size! Now to find £18.99 so I can buy it!

Now, we’ve tidied stuff away, created some mood lighting and prettied the floor, so it’s about time we paid the walls some attention! We have five pet lizards and so this metal lizard from The Range is so perfect for us! There’s the perfect gap on the wall near the computers where this would look awesome! We even have gecko as part of our lizard crew, so it makes it all the more special. My last offering is this cushion cover from Dunhelm Mill. I know it’s not the most ground-breakingly amazing product ever, but I don’t want anything that’s too much. I like these as they’re simple without being being plain, so they don’t standout too much but also aren’t dull. At £5.99 each they aren’t too bad either for just sprucing up the place! So that’s my collection of wants, well some of them ha ha, what do you have your eye on at the moment, let’s swap tips!

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