Is the Ionic Bracelet Anything More Than Just Costume Jewelry?

The ionic bracelet has been sold to the general public as a healing tool. This seven or eight inch miracle is supposed to restore balance back to the body. The restoration will heal what is wrong and make the person wearing the jewelry feel better.

Yin and Yang

The concept is taken from the Chinese, who believe the body has a positive and negative energy force. These two energies work together to keep the body in perfect balance. You can not have one without the other. These two things are yin and Yang. The body can become ill or suffer greatly according to the Chinese philosophers if the yin is too strong or the Yang tries to dominate. These two forces, however, are not electromagnetic. They are not full of positive ions and negative ions.

The ionic bracelet is supposed to be able to dispel the positive ions when they become too strong in the human body. This will keep the body in perfect balance and keep a person healthy. The manufacturing company states that pain associated with certain injuries and health problems could be completely removed when wearing one of these bracelets.


The Federal Trade Commission sued the manufacturers of the ionic bracelets forcing the companies to retract their statements of bringing health and well being to the body. These companies were then ordered to pay restitution to the consumers who had purchased the bracelets. No longer can anyone state the ionic bracelet removes pain and cures other health issues.

The bracelet themselves are actually very stylish. They are still for sale in different places. The original manufacturer still maintains a website offering the jewelry for sale. The health benefits are no longer being advertised by the company. The only thing stated at all is the bracelets are seen on the golf course.


The ionic bracelet can be purchased in stainless steel or silver plating. You can order them in gold, as well. The one nice feature the bracelet has is the ends are flattened for comfort. There is no ball digging into the wrist. The flat ends lay against your wrist comfortably. There are certain styles which will allow you to interchange a gemstone crystal at the ends of the bracelet, if you feel the need to. This adds color and variety to the ionic bracelet.

All in all the classic style and look goes well with any wardrobe. The bracelet adds a sense of style with a look of class. They are perfect for someone who wants to add a bit of pizazz without all the bling and glitz. This is a conservative type of jewelry which will get noticed on your wrist. As for healing any illnesses or relieving pain associated with injuries, it is best to talk to your health provider before deciding about the ionic bracelet.