It’s a Wrap: Perfect Bouquet Wraps

Planning a memorable wedding full of character comes down to the details. Yes, the big things are important (food, dress, flowers, etc.), but the little accents you choose can really help to make your wedding personal. One of the most fun ways to add a special touch to your big day is with a beautiful bouquet wrap for your bridal bouquet.

The most traditional bouquet wraps are ribbons. The fun part about a ribbon wrap is that you can take it in so many different directions. An oversized satin bow is romantic and elegant. A tailored cuff is simple and modern. Layers of striped grosgrain ribbon are preppy and fun. Ribbon is an easy way to bring your wedding colors into your bridal ensemble. You can also use it to give a nod to something that inspires you, such as a ballet inspired ribbon wrap. Or choose a seasonal ribbon like claret velvet for a holiday wedding. Ribbon can be layered to create even more customized effects. It is also affordable and easy enough for the DIY bride to use to make her own bouquet wrap.

Lace is a very classic bridal fabric and it is also incredibly popular for weddings right now. Dive into this romantic wedding trend with a lace bouquet wrap. Honestly it couldn’t be simpler to wrap a piece of lace around the stems of your flowers. Fold the exposed end under to create a neat edge and secure with a row of pearl tipped hat pins inserted into the stems. Although you can buy new lace in a fabric store, there are also some wonderful sentimental possibilities to consider. Perhaps you can borrow a piece of lace from your mother’s wedding gown or use your grandmother’s lace hankie. Another idea is to order a piece of lace that matches the trim on your bridal gown. Lace with silver thread is pretty for a romantic formal wedding.

For brides who cannot get enough sparkle (which is almost every bride!), the bouquet wrap is a fantastic place to add more shimmer and shine. One of the easiest ways to make a big statement is to wrap wide stretchy crystal bracelets around the flower stems. It looks so gorgeous when the bride is planning to wear sparkly Swarovski crystal bridal jewelry. You can also order custom made crystal wraps that cover the entire handle – some even have the bride’s initial done in a contrasting color crystal – too fabulous! Another idea is to use a ribbon bouquet wrap and pin a rhinestone brooch to it. This can be the perfect way to showcase a family heirloom or you can find a beautiful pin at a vintage shop. A variation on the jeweled bouquet wrap is to use pearls instead of crystals, which is ideal if you plan to wear pearl jewelry for your wedding.

Rustic weddings are very hot these days, and there are also some marvelous ideas for natural bouquet wraps. What could be simpler than tying raffia around the stems of your flowers? Or use a piece of burlap to create a cuff around the stems. It is actually quite appealing. If you wish, you add details like a burlap flower, bits of lace, or even an assortment of buttons for a unique detail. The most important thing to remember is that your bridal bouquet wrap should complement the style of your wedding dress and the overall theme of your wedding.