Jewelry is a Personal Thing

Whilst giving jewelry as a gift is a sweet thing for any person to consider, be careful before entering into any purchase – jewelry is such a personal thing it is very easy to “get it wrong”!

The lustrous, valuable, luxurious implications of giving jewelry as a present are without challenge. Such a gift says “I value you”, “I wanted to get you something special” and implies that you think the recipient is special. However, should your taste not be similar to the individual you seek to treat or surprise, the process may simply backfire on you – it is important to know your intended recipient well!

You may like intricate silverware…your friend may like chunky ethnic beads. You may think diamonds are forever…your love may think rubies rock. You may think playing safe with mainstream fashion items is prudent…your partner may think you unadventurous.

This is especially important if you are making a major financial outlay. Jewelry is often something of an investment as well as a gift – nothing could be more disappointing than being presented with something very valuable that you simply would not wear because it just “isn’t you”.

Consult your friend or partner if the gift is not a surprise – let them have the pleasure of choosing their own gift. If the present is intended as a surprise, make sure you research their taste and style – better still consult another individual who may know this better than you. They may be able to assist.

As a personal statement, jewelry cannot be beaten – so do not be afraid of using it to its greatest effect. However, as with any major investment, make sure you get the choice right. It’s really not that difficult…