Jewelry of the Heart to the Heart

The “heart shape” is one of the most popular designs of jewelry available today. Made from gold, silver, and other precious metals, jewelry embolden with this symbol portrays the ideals of love, romance, caring and belonging. Within the pages and posts of this web site we will explore the topic of heart jewelry, yearn over the beautiful designs, and examine not only the composition of these pieces, but other attributes as well. As an added bonus, we will examine the topic of jewelry as a whole, exploring the topic of jewelry design and usage throughout the ages. Welcome one and all.
The Heart
Why is the heart symbol often colored red? The red color suggests not only blood, but in many cultures, passion and strong emotion. What emotion can be stronger than that of pure love? This symbol can be commonly seen on St. Valentine’s Day cards, boxes of candy, and other items (such as beautiful heart jewelry), to signify romantic love.
Sources of Beautiful Heart Jewelry
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