Jewelry Trends Leaning Towards Affordable in 2012

People have a completely new attitude on how they are spending money since the middle of 2007 and the worldwide recession hit. Gone are the days of thinking sterling silver and cubic zirconia jewellery is cheap, imitation that is only good enough for poor people. Instead, the world is embracing a new way of thinking and buying. Top designers are using both to create wonderfully, elegant pieces that are beautiful to wear and easy to afford. New trends popping up in the 2012 season is the use of CZs, hoop earrings, and flower pins.

The cubic zirconia necklace allows women to have the “diamond look” draping down their necklines in classic or modern settings. Hoop earrings are returning for a comeback in the 2012 season, with sterling silver hoop earrings topping the list, as being the most popular. Silver works with all skin tones and is affordable to everyone. Another interesting return to the top is flower pins.

They are coming in brilliant enamels, and combinations of gemstones and metals. It is nice to see affordable pieces in the current trends because it makes shopping trips fun when you can afford to bring the piece home.