Kitsch Jewellery

A visit to Funky Cool Jewellery would not be complete without browsing through our complete on-line store. Are you a true lego lover? Can’t get enough of it? Our kitsch lego bracelets are truly funky and unique. Our colourful quirky lego rings are modern and fun! Our lego earrings and lego necklaces are super cute and cool! Our retro lego jewellery sets will definitely make you stand out from the crowd!

Daring to be different is fun so why not take a look at our badge earrings! These badge earrings are so unique and stylish that even the emo and indie lover will find something here! Our original badge earrings will get you that second look so wear your kitsch jewellery with pride!

FCJ knows that everyone has different tastes and styles, so our aim is to provide you with the freshest, cutting edge designs out there today! Don’t delay & explore our wide range of kitsch fashion jewellery right now!

Nu Rave Cyber Jewellery

Want to stand out in the club? Check out our fresh selection of nu rave cyber lego jewellery. This selection has been specifically designed with the raver in mind. Colourful, transparent, fun and funky, you’ll be the hottest raver on the dance floor. Our nu rave jewellery is a candy lover’s dream. Bring out your inner child and really let your hair down with our real crowd pleasing cyber rave jewellery! Express yourself with our cute, fun and funky, quirky nu rave cyber jewellery today! Feeling the love? Feel the cyber lego jewellery love!