Like a Bunch of Diamonds in the Sky

Fact: Only 20% of diamonds that are mined are good enough to use.

I bet you didn’t know this. It’s not the diamond that contributes to its shine, but actually the cut. Sure color, carat, clarity are important but a bad cut can ruin diamonds. A professional diamond cutter determines which cut to give. Every diamond has it’s own unique cut.

The absence of color is what makes a diamond valuable. If there is any hine of color, then the value of the diamond goes diamond. But there are some diamonds that have full color like a yellow diamond or a blue diamond. Thesediamonds are worth much more than their white cousin.

Carat is the weight of diamonds, how big of a diamond they find. The bigger the diamond, the more money it creates.

Clarity of diamonds is defined on the amount of blemishes with the stone. The blemished happen in nature. Blemishes will have some effect on sparkle.

The cut of diamond has the greatest affect on its brilliance and sparkle. A poor cut can make a diamonds look dull and muddy no matter high the color, carat or clarity rating.

To make matters worse, there are still other things that can make a diamond loose its shine.

Grease and oil. Diamonds easily attract oils and grease from your fingers. Build up of this grim will make your diamonds appear dirty and dull. This is why you should only handle your diamonds when needed.

Don’t worry, it’s easy to remove oil build up.

Cleaning your diamonds is simple. Just soak the diamonds in an ammonia based cleaner overnight. In the morning remove your diamonds and wipe off any remaining dirty with a horse hair brush or soft cloth.

Pay attention to the metal and or settings surrounding your diamonds. They may be more fragile and will require extra care when cleaning.

Encrusted dirt on diamonds can be removed using an ultrasonic cleaner. This cleaner uses ultrasonic waves to remove the dirt. It can also loosen the stones. Let a professional jeweler clean your diamonds with this method.The jeweler will inspect any mountings and tighten them if necessary.

Your diamonds will continue to sparkle with a regular
cleaning routine.