Magnet Bracelets: What’s The Truth?

There are many people who suffer from all sorts of pain in their joints. Every day there are more and more prescriptions being written for anything from sprains to serious arthritis pain. Some of these patients are turning to the alternative of magnet bracelets to alleviate their discomfort. The key question is: do they really work?

Doctor Carlos Vallbona’s Test

There have been very few studies done which actually have recorded data on the benefits of this miracle cure. 1997 was the year which Doctor Carlos Vallbona from the Baylor College of Medicine released a paper which reviewed his findings. The test was a double blind test.

Neither patient nor caregiver knew who was wearing the real magnets or the fake ones. The study concluded the patients with the real magnets reported a significant decrease in the amount of pain they were experiencing. While this study may show the affects of magnets can decrease pain, there are things which were not reported.

Many people who use magnetic therapy know the strength of the magnet by the objects attracted to it. This could have influenced the opinions of the test subjects from the example above. Reports could have been made to the doctors running the tests based on what the patient thought was happening. It has been widely known that the mind can play tricks on people. They tend to believe what they perceive to be the truth. In fact, there is much more studying which must be done for any findings to be conclusive whether magnetic therapy works.


There are many people who still believe the pain from carpal tunnel syndrome or other types of joint pain can be alleviated from the use of magnets. The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine released a report on their web site which states the clinical trials have provided conflicting results. The magnetic field created by the static magnets has been reputed by many to reduce the pain in people who suffer from joint pain. However, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has stepped in and refuses to allow anyone to advertise claims which state the magnetic jewelry is a health benefit.

The final verdict is still out as to the benefits of magnet type bracelets. The best recourse is to speak with your doctor before you try to use magnetic therapy. This will allow your condition to be treated in such a way as to ensure quality health care. You may find the magnetic jewelry very beneficial. There is a possibility there is no difference in the pain you are experiencing.

Long Term Use May Be Beneficial

There is one note worth mentioning. In all the studies which have been done the best responses came from the test subjects who had the more powerful magnets in place over an extended period of time. In other words, if you are expecting to put on a bracelet and experience less pain the same hour, you will be very disappointed. The only way to know if this therapy is right for you would be to try it for an extended period, like 45 days, to see if the pain is alleviated.

Further studies are being conducted to determine what affects the magnet bracelets do have on pain and other health issues. Until more research is available, there is no sure way to determine what will work.