Make Sure Your Jewelry Is In Style For The Winter Season

Making your fashion statement means looking good from head to toe. Not only your wardrobe is important, your accessories and jewelry play a huge role in the finished look. Make Sure Your Jewelry Is In Style For The Winter Season:

• Big and bold is beautiful this season
• Bright, vibrant colors are definately in
• Cocktail rings as large as your finger can hold are a hit
• Diamonds might be a girls best friend but rhinestone are the next best thing and this season big rhinestones are big fashion
• Semi precious stones such as lavender pink kunzite and the toumaline family in chunky sizes are very trendy this season
• Eye Shaped pendants are the ultra fun of this season
• Flirtatious fringed jewelry can’t be ignored
• Bangles and lots of them are a must have
• Clunky bracelets are perfect
• Wood jewelry is a must have for this seasons ethnic prints
• The Vivanna bnalge from 1967 is this seasons favorite pick
• Hammered metal bangles are a must have, from gold to brass to copper
• Lapis Lazuli jewelry fits perfect with this seasons ethnic theme
• Eclectic is fun
• Layers of beads are definately fashionable
• Jewelry inspired by nature is ultra feminine and very powerful this season. Look for flower pins and brooches
• This is a season grounded in mother nature so look for jewelry made from natural materials such as shell
• Perspex, bakelite, celluloid, and all plastics are fun and fashionable
• Religious charms and pendants hung in groups is very popular
• Faux pearls worn in clusters, dangling from rings, earrings are a must have and this year they’ve had a facelift with fabulous new shades from lavender to royal blue
• Watches have come from being a way to tell time to being part of ones fashions statement. Styles and designs are make them a must have.

So have some fun and lighten up and brighten up this seasons jewelry. Add some chic boldness and let the world know you are a fashion diva!