Make Your Own Crystal Earrings

Crystal earrings are a very stylist and trendy accessory. They can be found easily in stores or you can make them yourself. If you have extra time and supplies you can even make some crystal necklaces to go with your earrings. Making jewelery yourself allows you to choose the exact design and colors that you prefer so it can be a great alternative to buying jewelery in a store.

Crystals can be purchased in bulk at bead and craft stores as well as online. Online prices are often lower than those of stores but when shipping costs are factored in the prices are roughly the same. When making your own jewelery it is a good idea to sketch out the idea that you have in mind. Then study the sketch and find out how many of each size and shape of crystal you will need to buy. If the crystals come in sets with more than you need you can keep the extra and use them for your matching crystal necklace.

Other materials that you will need to make your earrings are wire, headpins, eye pins, and fishhooks. You will also need at least two kinds of pliers and wire cutters to complete the job. Once you have all of the materials for your project, gather them together and begin one earring at a time.

Many styles of crystal chandelier earrings can be found online and in magazines if you have trouble coming up with a design that you like.

You can even copy a design that you saw a movie star wear on the red carpet. If you are unsure how to go about making the earrings once you have gathered all of your material you can find how-to videos online or attend a jewelery making class at a local store.