Marry Christmas

.. oops, and I haven’t even touched the sherry yet! I hope everyone has a relaxed, happy wonderful time at Christmas. My Christmas wish would be for peace on earth to all men, women and children and that all conflicts were resolved. It would be lovely if just writing this wee prayer down and saying it to myself at the computer would bring resolution to wars, squabbles and potential disputes – but I know that this may be a forlorn hope.

Man’s competitive nature is destined to ensure that we all want to get to the top of the heap; you only need look at the competitive world of internet marketing to know that the person whose web site is at the top of the search engines is going to be able to cream off the best of the sales online. Darwin spotted this many years ago and if you ever wanted to study a model of evolution, you only need watch the top search engine results for a given search term and see how achieving a top results increases the chance of survival and financial success while eliminating the threat from imitators. Wars and rumours of war are all about positioning countries or groups of people in the top spot so that they can get the cream of the crop and ensure their genes are passed from generation to generation.

You might ask – what am I doing writing a blog post on Christmas Day? Well, sorry, I didn’t really mean to get all philosophical on you – I just wanted you to know that I would love to live in a peaceful world where we combined our energy and resources to help people out of poverty and distress. I’d love the next decade to be more settled than the last. That’s my wee Christmas message.

With love and best wishes from Scotland