Memories Bracelet: An Unforgettable Gift For Mom

Every holiday brings with it the same problem, what to get Mom. The same old sweater or gift certificate is always appreciated. She is Mom and will accept whatever you give her. This year do something different. Give her a gift she will always cherish. Give her a memories bracelet.

Imagine being able to present to your mother the perfect gift of family history. It can now be done. The stylish bracelets are available in so many styles it is hard to choose which one to give. If you can think it, it is available. Here are a few examples of what is on the market today.

Insert A Picture

There are bracelets available which allows you to insert a picture, although small, into the links. These are beautiful pieces which allows the wearer to show off her family without dragging out the photo album. There are charms which can be added between each picture which means the bracelet can be even more personalized. It can actually be a time line of family history. It is fun to sit and listen to the old stories which make you laugh and make you cry. The memories the bracelet can bring back means the jewelry is serving its purpose.

Another form of memories bracelet can be a simple charm bracelet. Although they are no longer simple little trinkets. You can find these amazing jewelry pieces in 14 karat gold, or sterling silver. The price can range from just a few dollars to almost $1,000. Some of these bracelets can be personalized with beads representing milestones in a woman’s life.

Great Ideas For Mom’s Bracelet

Whether it is charms or beads, each one tells a unique story about an event which took place. You can start clear back to when your mother was born in her home town and bring it up to the present with all her grand children around her. As an example, if your mother was born in New York, you could add a Statue of Liberty charm or bead. Let’s say she met your father in Florida, simply add an orange charm. The honeymoon in Hawaii could be represented with a pineapple bead.

A garnet could be added for a child born in January. Family pets can have their own charms or beads as well. A certain event like an anniversary could be represented with the number or even a champaign bottle. The list could go on and on as to how to make this a real memories bracelet. The only thing limiting you would be the space on the bracelet.

Special Tokens

Many memories bracelets can now be ordered with two strands of beads or charms to add to a growing family and a full life. To be able to sit down and tell the children what each charm or bead represents is a treasure unto itself. The grand children will love being able to find their special token which stands for them entering the picture and bringing even more memories. Bracelets are a way of saying how much you love someone. With the memories bracelet you can show them how much life they have been able to celebrate. It is the perfect gift for any occasion.