Silver Jewellery Makes Its Mark

Recent times have seen a very positive surge in popularity of silver jewellery. It seems that in times of economic recession such as these, more subtle attitudes are called for in jewellery, and so silver has taken the place formerly occupied by more ostentatious and outwardly showy styles of jewellery, such as gold. Men’s silver … Continue reading Silver Jewellery Makes Its Mark

Beautiful Diamond Earrings

Within the vast diversity of jewellery that is set with diamonds, is going to be found the genre of diamond earrings, including varieties relating to both drop and stud, in which the former, since its name suggests drops down in an assortment of lengths from the ear lobe, and the latter known as stud, tends … Continue reading Beautiful Diamond Earrings

Silver Earrings for Many Occasions

It is nice to know that silver, although not as prestigious as gold or platinum, can be worn on many occasions. You don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to have a nice silver portfolio. And unlike other types of metals, silver is one of the most convenient metals to clean. You … Continue reading Silver Earrings for Many Occasions

18k Gold Earrings

It is very easy to make a mistake when trying ot find the right pair of earrings. They are a very unique piece of jewellery in this regard; although most people can get away with wearing almost any kind of necklaces or bracelets or rings, it requires a lot more skill to tastefully select earrings. … Continue reading 18k Gold Earrings

Selecting Sterling Silver Earrings

Sterling silver earrings are quite popular with today’s stylish, sophisticated trend setters. Rather than go for the more clichéd styles favored by fashionistas of the older days, such as gold or gem-studded earrings, today’s hip crowd reject those styles (particularly gold earrings) as being too showy and openly flashy. Such styles reek of attention-seeking, they … Continue reading Selecting Sterling Silver Earrings

Humanity’s Fascination with Gold

Gold is the number one status symbol in the world. Human fascination with gold, jewellery, and gemstones of any kind is deeply rooted in history that it almost seems as inherent as our desire to stay young forever. That’s why Michael Kors brought out one of their high standard designer watches as a celebration of … Continue reading Humanity’s Fascination with Gold

Gold Topaz Rings for Men and Women

Topaz rings, necklaces, bracelets and other like accessories are beginning to gain quite a following these past couple of years. Most people these days also prefer their gemstones to be set in gold. May they be set in white gold for gold topaz rings, people just seem to find wearing and looking at them pleasing … Continue reading Gold Topaz Rings for Men and Women

Finding The Perfect Gold Ring

When you think of jewellery you think of gold, they go hand in hand. When you think of hand jewellery you naturally think of rings. The most well known precious metal is gold, a chemical element commonly used to manufacture, among other things, rings, bracelets, earrings, bangles, brooches and pins, chains and more – and … Continue reading Finding The Perfect Gold Ring

Exploring Handmade Fashion Jewelry

When you find handmade fashion jewelry, you know if you find something you like or not. There are so many places you can get quality handmade fashion jewelry it’s amazing. Even in your own little town, there will be a dozen or so places that you can go do find yourself some lovely handmade works, … Continue reading Exploring Handmade Fashion Jewelry