Options of Wearing a Different Wedding Dress

When it comes to the color of your wedding dress, most prefer the color white. But do you know that a growing number of brides wish to wear a different color other than white? And I have seen brides truly wearing a different color that really suit them.

First time I saw a different color for her wedding dress was with my eldest sister who got married at the age of 36 and chose to marry wearing a blue wedding dress together with her Swarovski crystal bridal jewelry. She looked awesome and really looked like a bride giving a different statement.

Then I attended another wedding of a friend who married a divorcee with two adult kids. She was in her early 30s, but she fell in love with an older guy. She still wore a white dress, but her white wedding dress was combined with the color black, while all her bridesmaids wore black bridesmaid dresses. The dress was somehow OK since I could not picture myself having a black motif for my own wedding.

But another friend of mine who unfortunately lost her husband at the early stages of their marriage found new love after 3 years of losing her husband. She chose to wear a gray wedding dress. I don’t know if I will love the dress, but I did love the wedding theme.