Personalized Silicone Bracelets are Here to Stay

Personalized silicone bracelets have entered the scene by storm almost a decade ago yet the craze still hasn’t stopped. These attractive and convenient pieces have been sported by people of all ages including star athletes and celebrities. The bracelets have proven to be very useful in different fields like promotions, gifts and tokens.

The Traditional

The Lance Armstrong LiveStrong bracelets were the original pieces that were initially meant to empower and encourage people with health needs and concerns. The design was simply a silicone wristband with the word “LiveStrong” engraved on it. This traditional personalized silicone bracelet came in a variety of colors like solid yellow, white, black, gray, red, green and blue. Later on, there were color meshes and mixes that heightened its attractiveness. The bracelets are very elastic and can easily be fitted into wrists by simply slipping the entire hand through. These are washable and durable as well which are perfect for just about any occasion.

Getting Personal

Personalized silicone bracelets have proven to be very useful due to its cost-effectiveness and aesthetic features. The design is still basically made of silicone wherein you can have messages, personal identification and other texts debossed, screen printed, embossed, engraved or imprinted on the surface. The silicone comes in almost any color including mixes, meshes and combinations for added fun and uniqueness.

Functions of Personalized Bracelets

These items have shown to be quite useful in programs, events and other occasions that involve groups and clubs. Organizations usually order personalized silicone bracelets in bulk to be given away as promotional items or for unity purposes. Great examples are fundraising programs and charitable events wherein the bracelets have engraved messages specifically indicating the cause and action. Schools, proms and graduating classes have also relied on these casual items since they tend to be cheaper and more practical compared to rings and other fancy paraphernalia. Personalized silicone bracelets have been used by school athletes, cheerleaders and other students to show school spirit and togetherness.

Personalized silicone bracelets also make great gift items. You can feel free to put a romantic or thoughtful message to be given to your loved one or family. Some manufacturers and sources even allow you to customize every single piece even if you’re ordering in bulk so you can be sure that everyone gets special treatment with your presents at very reasonable prices.

The More the Cheaper

Some companies will be glad to give your special discounts for big orders. Usually, a single bracelet can cost around $1 to $3.50. However, if you plan to order in 100s or more, you can expect prices to go down significantly. Average price for 100 pieces puts each bracelet at around $2 each, price for each bracelet goes lower at around $1.50 if you order 500 pieces and even as low as $0.50 apiece if you order 5000. All items are made of 100% silicone measuring around 13 mm in height and 2 mm in width.

There are three sizes available for children, adults and large adults. Children sizes are around 6 inches in length with a 152 mm circumference. Regular adults get to have 7 inches of length and a 180 mm circumference and large adults can easily fit 8-inch pieces with a circumference of 202 mm. Messages  on personalized silicone bracelets are debossed about 1/2 to 1 mm deep.