Planning a Preppy Lilly Pulitzer Wedding

With summer around the corner, I thought it would be fun to think about designing a fun, upbeat wedding with classic style. Naturally that led me to think of Lilly Pulitzer, the ultimate upscale preppy fun designer, who I recently discovered now makes a collection of wedding invitations. Get some fun ideas on how to plan a delightful preppy Lilly Pulitzer inspired wedding of your own.

The wedding invitations set the tone for any wedding, and they are the natural place to start planning a Lilly wedding. The Lilly Pulitzer stationery line has invitations, save the date cards, and of course thank you notes. It features the summery motifs that one would expect from Lilly, such as flowers, butterflies, seashells, and citrus fruit. The prints come in pink and green, natch, as well as bright turquoise. There are also some more sophisticated preppy color palettes like yellow with gray and navy with lime green (my favorite!).

As for the bride’s attire, classic and simple is the way to go. A preppy bride doesn’t wear a dress with a see through bodice or one covered in rhinestones, no m’am! But she would wear something like the sweet Swiss dot wedding gown designed by Christos or a classic dress from Amsale. Or for an informal wedding, how about one of the long white on white seersucker dresses from the Thread Destination collection? As any good preppy bride knows, pearl wedding jewelry is the only option for her wedding day. As for the bridesmaids, that part couldn’t be easier: they will wear Lilly Pulitzer dresses of course. The same goes for the flower girls, and if you really want to run with the theme, get the coordinating Lilly ties for the men in the wedding.

Then it is on to the flowers. Pink and green blossoms would be perfect of course. The most preppy flowers are hydrangeas, roses, and peonies. If you want to be literal about it, you could include some hot pink Stargazer lilies as well, if you don’t mind the strong scent of lilies. Tulips and ranunculus are other good varieties to consider. Simple round bouquets tied with stripe or polka dot grosgrain will be perfect for the wedding theme. Or you could even make a custom bouquet wrap for the bride using a piece of Lilly fabric. I have also seen it done with one of the neckties. The centerpieces can be created in the same pink and green color palette. They would be pretty in simple clear round vases, white pitchers, or silver mint julep cups.

There are so many more ways to bring a Lilly wedding theme to life. You could use Lilly fabrics to create custom tablecloths for the reception (or at least a special cloth for the wedding cake display table). It would be very fun to ask your baker to replicate your favorite Lilly Pulitzer pattern on the wedding cake. The rest of your wedding can be done in the classic good taste that epitomizes the preppy lifestyle: a great band (not a d.j.!), a yacht club or country club reception, and an open bar. All in all, it sounds like a really fun idea for a summer wedding!