Whenever you and your lady talk about planning a wedding, you feel happy about the thought of spending the rest of your life with her. She must be always excited to know your desired ring. With this in mind, you should check and study styles of engagement rings. This is one of those moments when seem scared because you have so many reasons. But one thing is for sure. You just want to best for your queen. Of all the designs a diamond wedding ring is the ideal, so why not go and decide on the classic wedding rings? According to legend, the Marquis Cut gem was created for Francis Louis XIV, also known as the Sun King, who had the longest reign in European monarchy.
The Marquis cut is a very nice design that is still stylish. Cubic zirconia rings are well known for their precision, elegance and design. It crowns a distinctive face of diamond. With its elegant cut, proportion, size, and decoration of diamonds, it is a great gift for any bride to be. To produce the desired tone and aesthetic, the optimum ratio in terms of length and width of the diamond stone engagement ring marquis is 2:1. This should be considered in the selection process, because the ratio affects the light which is refracted in diamonds.
Without the right proportions, the ring might not look good. The design of a Marquis Diamond engagement ring is incomparable with other styles of moissanite engagement rings, which are available in the market. The chosen piece can be enhanced with small diamonds, precious stones, or even a stone of a much more dramatic aura and character. It just goes to show how willing you are to invest in a potential partnership, and the desire to set it apart from other brides to be in the crowd. If you think and plan then you can also get small stones set in the ring, to create the illusion of more weight. The proportion of a marquise diamond ring is a very important thing to consider. Now, when you’re armed with the perfect engagement ring, you are ready to practice that speech that will draw her even more towards you. With this, you are more than ready to celebrate your marriage.