Sterling silver earrings are quite popular with today’s stylish, sophisticated trend setters. Rather than go for the more clichéd styles favored by fashionistas of the older days, such as gold or gem-studded earrings, today’s hip crowd reject those styles (particularly gold earrings) as being too showy and openly flashy. Such styles reek of attention-seeking, they say. Instead, today’s youth choose to opt for the subtle elegance of the timeless metal that clad the ears of Roman nobility – silver. Jewelry fashion does evolve in a circular manner, it seems, and we are approaching the beginning of the cycle once again. Who are we, then, to argue?
Fashion aside, silver earrings do offer some fantastic advantages. Silver offers a unique sheen and luster that is exceptionally easy to clean and maintain; as a material, it is not as prone to deformation as gold, and so offers crafting possibilities that cannot be attained with gold, due to its softness.
The most desired form of silver jewellery is an alloy called sterling silver, or 925 sterling silver. It is called this because it is 92.5% silver by purity, with the other 7.5% being a different metal – usually copper. The copper mix adds a lot of strength and durability to the metal, allowing it to be used for jewelry designs where 100% pure silver would be too soft. The sterling silver earring desgin offers a lot of versatility, because sterling silver is both light enough and strong enough to allow for some very interesting designs, such as dangle sterling silver earrings, a design in which a large and ornate silver shape is hung from the ear by a tiny silver chain. Such a design would be very hard to reproduce with, say, a pair of gemstone-centric earrings, because the weight of the gemstone would severely limit the size of the dangling part of the design. Gemstone dangle earrings are known for their soft nature, and are easy to break; silver, has no such weakness, while still managing to retain its delicate appearance.Clearly, then, the versatility provided by silver sterling earrings cannot be overstated. The designs are timeless, the metal is iconic, and the dressiness of each piece can be worn up or down to suit the formality of the event, and the level of elegance the wearer wishes to convey.

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